Port of Subs

Category: Sandwich shop in Phoenix, Arizona

Address: 635 E Indian School Rd Suite 102, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA

Phone: +16022642222

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9AM–6PM

Tuesday: 9AM–6PM

Wednesday: 9AM–6PM

Thursday: 9AM–6PM

Friday: 9AM–6PM

Saturday: 10AM–5PM



Jul 29, 2022

Subs are great I really enjoyed it. The Service here is not good tho. The worker that was putting on the condiments looked like she did not want to be there at all. And I love that they cut the meats for you rite there but it waste so much time and the lady doing it looked so tired. This place has great food but they need to work on the customer service and help there employees with the meat cutting or atleast take turns. Low stars because of customer service and employee attitudes but hope to come back and give an update cuz I loved the sub Update: I went back and the same crew was working there and it seemed like they were having a much better day service was great. The food as usual is bomb! And I will definitely be back. Keep up the good work. It’s definitely worth your time now !!!

Dewitt Drummond

Jun 28, 2022

This is the BEST SUB SHOP HERE IN AZ I'm from Philadelphia where you will get Greatest subs this place Port of Subs makes me feel like I'm home Everyone that works here all the way to the manager is Da Bomb.com love all of you here at port of subs w. Indian School Rd.

Tiara Sloan

Apr 8, 2022

I was extremely disappointed with the customer service here. This was my boyfriend & I’s first time ordering pick up and the subs were both made sloppy. We were not satisfied so I called the shop & asked them BEFORE I went out of my way to drive back & return the subs if it was okay that we tasted it and were not satisfied. The Manager told us on the phone that it was completely fine to bring it back in and get a FULL REFUND however when I showed up and talked to this so called manager she said “well you’d already tasted it and refunds aren’t guaranteed”. I want to highlight that I drove all the way across town just to return this order because she insisted to do so in order for me to retrieve a refund. I wasn’t going to argue with her on this anymore so I decided I’ll just dispute it from my account. I do not feel the manager of this store should be manager. She was not professional whatsoever.

Steven Harris

Aug 17, 2021

Sub shop extraordinar!!! Will Jerseys was the best for me followed by Jimmy and then Subway. Well there is a new Sheriff in town and it is named Port of Subs. A week ago I had and Italian that was amazing to say the least. Today I had the Small buffalo hot and the small barbecue hot both with spinach and pepperonchinis and a Ghirardelli brownie to top things off. Well I am always next big thing when it comes to foods and I found it in this Sub place. Very friendly staff and great service with a smile always. I'm older now so I like a little sweet with my sour hence the barbecue and buffalo. They cut the meat right there in front of you for subs and they make it meaty and cheesy. Go and you will be blown away as I was. Happy eating!!!

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Questions & Answers

The only question i have to ask is how do you guys keep such a good staff? great service just writing another review !! great job again

Watch Out | Jun 20, 2019
KEITH LEWIS | Jun 21, 2019

They are well treated

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