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Address: 1982 SW Hayworth Ave, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987, USA

Phone: +17723456000

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 8:30AM–5PM

Tuesday: 8:30AM–5PM

Wednesday: 8:30AM–5PM

Thursday: 8:30AM–5PM

Friday: 8:30AM–5PM

Saturday: Closed


James Rufo

Nov 8, 2022

This company is the worst cable/internet company I’ve ever experienced. EVERY DAY and NIGHT, I lose signal several times causing my work computer and TV (streaming) to freeze. Their service is beyond terrible, when you try to have the issues addressed. They don’t have be be good, because they are a monopoly in Tradition with a long-term contract. I’m sure a “deal” (behind closed doors) placed lots of money in a few people’s pockets. So don’t think it’s going to get any better, soon. Don’t know how people running Tradition sleep at night, knowing they screwed everyone who moved here.

Scott Waters

Nov 7, 2022

Andrew was amazing. He knows his business and does the job right the first time. Great job Andrew!! Thank you for the excellent job on my upgrade to Tivo. Great job Blue Stream, Andrew is a BiG ASSET to your company.

rohn timm

Nov 7, 2022

Andrew from bluestream fiber was here and did a commendable job outstanding we give him a five star rated.

WY Fig

Nov 4, 2022

Andrew was professional & knowledgeable

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Questions & Answers

are you open for service??

Joel Jacobs | Oct 17, 2022
Home Town Cable TV | Oct 17, 2022


Is anyone aware of a way to change the password on my Wi-Fi WITHOUT having Bluestream come out? They claim they must send tech out to do so.I should should be able to manage my own passwords?

Lori Arnold | Jan 11, 2022
Home Town Cable TV | Jan 11, 2022

Hi Lori If you have our router you should be able to have this done by calling into the call center at 772-345-6000. Thank you

why do only PPV channels appear on my "guide"?

Lou Colucci | Nov 7, 2021
ken thompsonsr | Nov 7, 2021

You have to press the STB button, then live TV button on remote....

how do i access fox nation on blue stream

yukiko70 | Nov 7, 2021
,* | Nov 7, 2021

You have to pay for it. Download the app on your smart tv.

Is cable out in Port St. Lucie? Why can’t I connect to the Network?

John Fougerousse | Nov 7, 2021
Joey Holly | Nov 7, 2021

Yes it's been out temporarily. Apparently another contractor down the road dug up the Bluestream fiber.

What was the service name in port saint lucie before Blue fiber

William J Messett III | Nov 7, 2021
christina morales | Nov 7, 2021

Home town cable

Can I get a new remote at the office in tradition

Roberta Schimmel | Nov 8, 2018
Chris Pascale | Nov 8, 2018

I think you can.

When will you start communicating with your customer? You continue to change things, (not for the better) but never communicate to your customers what you are doing. To call there is impossible. I have been on the phone for the last 30 minutes.

Deborah Hession | Nov 8, 2018
Chris Pascale | Nov 8, 2018

This is question site for asking questions and answered by folks. You might want to go on theor site and send this.

I bought a new home in PGA Village Verano. I have been told that cable is included in my HOA. Can you explain exactly what I will be getting. I am from New York and would like to watch the NY Mets and Yankees. Do you offer this?

Joe K | Nov 8, 2018
Chris Pascale | Nov 8, 2018

You get 80-100 stations. They do not carry the Yankees channel but for about$95 you can get whole house dvr, 2 boxes and HD channels about 100 more stations. including HBO and Showtime.

Why nobody answer that phone? Every time we call, we have to spend more than an hour waiting for technic support

Wilmar Betancur | Nov 8, 2018
christopher bessa | Nov 8, 2018

They have bad customer service usually and generally you can expect "technical problems" with no explanation for service interruptions. Today, there is no internet. I am guessing that's why you are calling them...along with everyone elese in Traditions.

Is there a way to forward phones remotely?

Gary Stockman | Nov 8, 2017
Chris Pascale | Nov 8, 2017

Don't know. Try calling Home Town For that info

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