Category: Fast food restaurant

Address: 302 Stockbridge Rd, Great Barrington, MA 01230, USA

Phone: +14135280434

Opening hours

Sunday: 5AM–11PM

Monday: 5AM–11PM

Tuesday: 5AM–11PM

Wednesday: 5AM–11PM

Thursday: 5AM–1AM

Friday: 5AM–1AM

Saturday: 5AM–11PM


Jerem Dfg

Nov 8, 2022

1 star because it's obligatory surprising that fast food is still open today we can come at any time you will be very badly received we arrive at 8 p.m. today normally they close at 11 p.m. we arrive the door closed at key they tell us to go around to go to the drive once we arrive at the drive (cars) a girl blows when she sees us and the other closes the window in front of us, we decide to leave and there a woman opens the door for us door once in front of the counter we would be believed in front of a judge and the young girl behind was a call on her phone and the other in the kitchen arrives at the time of eating cold fries cold burger .. and to finish the (sprite) which sells and sparkling water, if you are hungry come at 4-5 p.m. it might be open and the meal might be hot but you really have no choice to go there

Romain Georget

Nov 8, 2022

Real lazy! Close the door at 8 p.m. in front of us to avoid seriously finally for once it is they who avoid serving!

Cheyenne OConnell

Nov 6, 2022

This McDonald’s will NEVER receive my money again. First off they don’t EVER have anything in stock, and second of all they are RUDE RUDE AND RUDE! They don’t wear gloves, and are always eating and wiping their hands on their clothes. I swear if I didn’t have nothing to lose going to jail, the food and drinks, uh she would have been wearing! Please don’t waste your money or time here!!!

Donald Mather

Oct 28, 2022

As I was traveling on I90I decided to stop at McDonald's in Great Barrington Massachusetts.on the door it States That they do not close until 11 PM however however I walked in at 10:35PM and was refused service ......since when do business not stay open until posted time

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Questions & Answers

What happened to this store. Used to be excellent. Fast service with a smile. Absolutely a disgrace now

Augustine Stuetzel | Nov 8, 2018
John Reilley | Nov 7, 2020

this place is still great

How do you always mess up an order?

Gabe Williams | Nov 8, 2017
JSV Hike | Nov 8, 2018

Low IQ and an IDGAF attitude!

Why don’t they require all workers and customers to wear masks?

X Dus | Nov 7, 2020
Alan Capesce | Nov 7, 2020

I think they do

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