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Category: Urgent care center in Port Jefferson Station, New York

Address: 4724 Nesconset Hwy, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776, USA

Phone: +16314745900

Opening hours

Sunday: 9AM–5PM

Monday: 8AM–8PM

Tuesday: 8AM–8PM

Wednesday: 8AM–8PM

Thursday: 8AM–8PM

Friday: 8AM–8PM

Saturday: 9AM–5PM


Evan Connor

Nov 8, 2022

Yes, the wait was long but we went in there knowing that. Everyone was very nice, the medical assistant especially, EXCEPT the PA. Holy hell, this woman (Lynn) rushed in, wouldn’t let me explain anything, was very curt and would cut me off. Her excuse: “we’re short staffed”. I get that, but that’s no excuse to treat people like dirt. People come to these places needing help from a specialist, and this woman specifically must have thought she was God’s gift to Earth because she could not be bothered to waste her time talking to you. I left out of there still not really knowing what’s wrong with me. All I know is I don’t have COVID or strep. And the PA didn’t even do those tests, she just read them. DOWN WITH LYNN

Quinten Maxwell

Nov 3, 2022

Home tested for Covid 5 times over 3 days...all negative. Went to CityMD on day 5 and tested Covid positive. The person who tested me said I can't be given Paxlovid because I was on cholesterol medication. Reported the positive test result to my primary care physician the next day who told me that due to being diabetic (and over 65) I needed to be on Paxlovid immediately. My doctor said "just stop taking your cholesterol medication for 5 days." Yikes! What doesn't CityMD understand about that. Then, on day 7, my wife starts having symptoms. She home tests negative 3 times over the next 3 days but she knows she's getting sick so she goes to CityMD to be tested where the nurse (and the doctor or PA who treats her) tell her there's way too much Covid testing going on, that Covid is no more significant that a cold, and if she tested negative at home it's meaningless to test at CityMD, and that vaccinations don't work any more. And both take their masks off at times. Let me repeat this: BOTH OF THESE NITWITS TAKE THEIR MASKS OF AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER.. 😳 They won't give her the rapid test result, and say that they'll email the test result to her in 15 minutes. but the email never comes because -- as I later learn -- CityMD never had her email address. CityMD may be a good organization, but the Port Jefferson Station location appears to be staffed by a few numskulls.

Kaitlyn Lynch

Oct 28, 2022

Dr. Fisher will not only not treat you with respect, but will also not help you at all. I never name people or leave bad reviews but I’m tired of seeing this doctor because that’s all who’s available and receiving zero help from him. Disrespectful, poor medical exams and poor medical advice. He has no idea what he’s doing and doesn’t care to know anything about you.

Ginger Lynch

Oct 26, 2022

Excellent in every area. Knowledgeable, kind, efficient. Epitome of great customer service!

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Questions & Answers

Can I make an appointment?

Lori Murillo | Nov 8, 2018
Alexandra MacDonald | Nov 7, 2021

Can I make a appointment?need one in the morning!

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Does anyone at the Port Jeff office answer questions or do they just put you on hold for ever.

Marie Caifa | Aug 9, 2022
Helen Maria Fischer | Sep 8, 2022

They answer your questions on the phone.

surgery scheduled Jan 6. Need rapid test not more than 5 days prior. Can I schedule test for Jan 4, 2021 Monday?

Beth Pranzo | Nov 7, 2021
Jaclyn Oglesby | Nov 7, 2021

Yu have to walk in ..... they open at 9 i think so I would be there 30 min before, yu have to stand online outside so bundle up and results are sent to you in 15min after the test !!

Can I walk in and get a physcial?

Lori Schaefer | Nov 8, 2017
Tamara Begel | Nov 8, 2019


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