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Address: 1293 Broadway, New York, NY 10001, USA

Phone: +18008801077

Opening hours

Sunday: 11AM–5PM

Monday: 9AM–7PM

Tuesday: 9AM–7PM

Wednesday: 9AM–7PM

Thursday: 9AM–7PM

Friday: 9AM–7PM

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Nadeesh Prasad

Nov 2, 2022

I should not even give a one star . Very unpassionat and unprofessional staff. I was  having a issue with my phone . My phone network drops everytime. And with message showing to replace the sim card and sim tray. I went to this place a month a go to replace the sim card after wating about 45 minutes they was able to help me to replace the sim card . The issue on my phone does not go away after I replace to a new sim card . However the same day while I was wating,   I noticed there was a man was wating on the line for help from Verizon staff. they have naver help him have him keep waiting.  He was mad and passed because no one has help him . I remember he was asking Verizon staff can somone avalable to help him. out because he was waiting doo long. Female staff came out she had tattoos on her . She was speaking to this man very aggressive way and telling him leave the store and they will not help . I was shocked the the way Verizon team staff speaking to there own customers. Then after I replace the sim I left. Even tho I changed the sim card still iam having the same issue , phone network drops everytime. And message popping up to replace with new sim card . I went to this location again on 10/29 Saturday around 5.30 PM . Since iam paying insurance I decided to replace my phone to another same device after I went to this version location there was 3 customers waiting on the line before me . I speak with the security he says wait on the line somone will help. I was wating about 40 minutes.  By the way the 3 ladies were wating they left because of they wait soo long. I was still waiting because I really want to replace my device. Finally one of Female Verizon staff came out " the same lady that I remember a month a go yelling and talk to there customers very aggressive way and tell that person to get off the store the Female staff with the tattoo and she had ring on her nose " She was asking me how can I help I explained what happens she was start talking and talking why you have to come to the store you could a done it online,  you don't have to come here , wasting there time . I was soo upset and disappointed with this woman because iam a Verizon customer and seeking help. instead of she helping this lady refuses to help me  And speaking to me very aggressively she was really saying bulshit. And she saying I have to make a appointment and cone another day . I says I can't come another day , I ask her why you can't help me today she says there closing soon . The time was 6.15 PM By then . They have 45 minutes still left because they are closing at 7 PM . And then another lady came she says she is the manager of this store I explained what happens she also refuses to help me both of them telling me they can't help I have to make appointment and come another day . I respond to them this whole conversation is on record.  They got even more angry with me as soon as I said iam recording all this conversation. And telling me I can't record I says yes I can record anything I want even the police.  and then security came to me and tell me to leave.  and I tell security im not making anything mess I'm here to asking help as a Verizon customer, if you guys want to call police please call police.  They didn't call police because they knew what they have did to me . Both ladies telling me get the F---k out the store. Iam very disappointed with this Verizon employees,  very very unprofessional very disrespectful. I have a few question  to the Verizon . How you guys having a Employees like this very disrespectful and unprofessional  ? Did you ever having a interview before you hired a employees  ? Why you paying to your employees like this who don't do there jobs ? I will not stop from here,  I will go ahead and call Verizon headquarters and tell them how I feel about this 2 employees the way they treat me as a Verizon customer. If iam the owner I will fire them right away. IAM NOT RECOMMEND THIS VERIZON STORE AND THERE EMPLOYEES.

D. Peter Haugen

Oct 21, 2022

Kay was great. She guided us toward a money-saving plan, and was extremely patient.

Peter Cheng

Oct 15, 2022

Great. The staff here are friendly and welcoming

Tals Studio

Jul 14, 2022

Verizon is Horrible don't use Verizon...!

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Questions & Answers

Do they sell pre paid SIM cards?

Josh L | Nov 8, 2019
Karl Green | Nov 8, 2019


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do you change batteries

David Ardao | Nov 8, 2019
Karl Green | Nov 8, 2019


I have a LG vn150 phone showing full bars, when i press send to make a call nothing happens and i get message searching for service, unable to make any calls

Vincent D | Nov 8, 2019
Frank Bruno | Nov 8, 2019

You could try restarting your phone, then try again. Could be phone service was temporarily unavailable on that spot.

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Coming in to buy a new phone can they also help me with my new Fios plan?

A Google User | Nov 8, 2019
Virginia Benedict | Nov 8, 2019

I have a feeling that they will have you call in to speak to a fios rep.

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What time will you close today

aissatou barry | Nov 8, 2019
Jimmy Andino | Nov 8, 2019

Around nine n ask for mattew this guy can help u wat u need he would make sure he gets it if he can.

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Do you the new tablet Samsung 10 with pen

Chamiram Chirikdjian | Nov 8, 2018
Karl Green | Nov 8, 2018

Its call the GALAXY TAB S4 AND it comes with pen

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