Category: Taco restaurant

Address: 43137 John Mosby Hwy, Chantilly, VA 20152, USA

Phone: +17033270052

Opening hours

Sunday: 7AM–7PM

Monday: 7AM–7PM

Tuesday: 7AM–7PM

Wednesday: 7AM–7PM

Thursday: 7AM–7PM

Friday: 7AM–7PM

Saturday: 7AM–7PM


Tikky ChaYuTiRut

Oct 5, 2022

Food prices is getting a little expensive. Only one thing needs to improve is the smell inside the restaurant.

Erin Hernández

Sep 25, 2022

Dirty and bad service 😡

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Questions & Answers

In my opinion, I was pleased the same, my friends were great dinner

Eliseo Saucedo | Nov 7, 2018
Carlos Perez | Nov 7, 2018

Excelent service

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Is the restaurant open during Quarantine?

Eddie Pena | Nov 6, 2020
KVS COOKIE CAKE | Nov 6, 2020

Yes, pick up only, order at the door :)

Very delicious food is authentic Salvadoran food. All the attention I recommend if you want Salvadoran food there is no other better😋😋

Yami Murcia | Nov 6, 2020
Maggie G | Nov 6, 2020

Excellent place without a doubt. The appearance may show otherwise. But don't get carried away by that because the food is delicious. 🤗☺️

The food is delicious, the nasty attention is disgusting the lady who looked after me today, I love the food

damirita Pineda | Nov 7, 2019
Benjamin Tran | Nov 7, 2019

I'd help this person but I don't speak Spanish. All I got from what they said was food 😂😂

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Today I went with my friends we found a lady oh waitress whatever, but badly speaking. When we asked him a question ...

Jose Beltran | Nov 7, 2018
Seily Diaz | Nov 7, 2018

What do you mean when you say he was speaking badly? Was your Spanish bad or did you say inappropriate things? Whenever I go to that restaurant, I get one of the best services.

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