Keller Tavern

Category: Bar & grill in Keller, Texas

Address: 128 S Main St, Keller, TX 76248, USA

Phone: +18173376711

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–12AM

Monday: 11AM–12AM

Tuesday: 11AM–12AM

Wednesday: 11AM–12AM

Thursday: 11AM–2AM

Friday: 11AM–2AM

Saturday: 11AM–2AM


Sarah OBrien

Oct 15, 2022

Ask for Josh

Maggie Mills

Oct 11, 2022

Servers weren't very attentative, the prickly pear rita tasted watered down, and the Asian Thai wings tasted a lot like buffalo. The location is nice, and the live music was good though.


Oct 1, 2022

Service was way too slow on a Saturday afternoon. The manager, Alyssa, decided to only schedule herself that day and then get an attitude when we complain about the 20 mins it’s taking her to grab one drink (bc she forgot what the other drink was so she dropped one and took ANOTHER 20 mins to get the other drink.) She then had the audacity to snap back at us when we complained and said she’d just grab our tab. We waited, yet another 20 mins, so we have been here an hour, and decks, since we weren’t getting our second round, and we weren’t getting the food we ordered 40 mins ago, we’ll just leave cash on the table and go. Clearly Alyssa did not think her schedule through so we’ll just get out of her pink hair. I said to my party “you know she said she’d be back with the tab, but it’s been 20 mins. How much you wanna bet that, as soon as we stand up to leave, she’ll come running out here.” My party was smart not to take that bet bc Alyssa not only came running outside, but she didn’t even have the bill she said she was bringing siNcE wE wErE sO rUDe. Or our food. Or another round! 🙃 So she wasted her own time dealing with people who were absolutely not going to tip her, instead of helping the 50 other guests she had inside. Keep in mind! It’S jUSt hEr tOdAy!1!! So all her regulars suffered while she was too petty to just comp the food we no longer wanted due to slow service and rude staff. I would recommend avoiding this place if Alyssa is still the manager. Plus their health code violations—yeesh. Srsly Alyssa, you won’t get far spending your time and energy on people whooterally aren’t worth your time. Just comp it, move on, and treat the next guest better than the last. One day you’ll be free.

Harold Black

Sep 27, 2022

Nice little whole in the wall spot, had reunion there.

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Questions & Answers

Live music today.?

SinisterShivs | Nov 4, 2021
O3Chaos | Nov 4, 2021

Check their fb page but I doubt it.

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Nov 4, 2022
David Butler | Nov 4, 2021

Same as any other restaurant bar. Restricted seating and masks.

Is there an open mic night?

Derrick Ian | Nov 5, 2019
Sean Moore | Nov 5, 2019

Not sure but I'm sure that there is. Like they said, just call & ask them yourself

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Still doing open mic?

Bruce Givens | Nov 5, 2018
Ricky Jackson | Nov 5, 2018

Call for open mic night

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