Pizza Hut

Category: Pizza delivery in Port Arthur, Texas

Address: 4700 FM 365 Suite U, Port Arthur, TX 77642, USA

Phone: +14097274343

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–11PM

Monday: 10AM–11PM

Tuesday: 10AM–11PM

Wednesday: 10AM–11PM

Thursday: 10AM–11PM

Friday: 10AM–11PM

Saturday: 10AM–11PM


Chris Jones

Jul 22, 2022

Can't go wrong with the 10 taste maker deal large 3 toppings!

Michael Papania

Jan 17, 2022

Well there meatballs are a little too big maybe make them half the size smaller other then that the pizza was good

Kailey Lirette

May 2, 2021

Great place and friendly staff! The pizza was great. Service was awesome they were extra busy and we got great care! They messed up on our first order so we had to wait for another one but they gave us free drinks while waiting and were so polite to make sure everything was alright! Would recommend 10/10.

Moe Makk

Jul 28, 2019

Ordered 4 large pizzas for family gathering But they didn’t cook it too well Sorry but I don’t have time to return and wait another 15-20 mins for another pizza!

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Questions & Answers

Is this dine inn

Michelle Nobles | Jul 2, 2020
Catarino Mata | Jul 3, 2020

This one particular Pizza hut is not a dine-in you just order and pick the food up but it's very very fast and very good food

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How much is charged for frlivery

Sherry Little | Jul 3, 2018
sikandar khan | Jul 4, 2018

Most likely depend on the size of you order.

Is it near HEB?

travisschneider122 | Jul 3, 2018
Stefan Ong | Jul 4, 2018


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