Anna Maria Oyster Bar - Cortez

Category: Oyster bar restaurant

Address: Cortez Village, 6696 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, FL 34210, USA

Phone: +19417920077

Opening hours

Sunday: 11AM–9PM

Monday: 11AM–9PM

Tuesday: 11AM–9PM

Wednesday: 11AM–9PM

Thursday: 11AM–9PM

Friday: 11AM–10PM

Saturday: 11AM–10PM


Teresa Fountain

Sep 20, 2022

Best Staff, and excellent service, the fish dinners we're amazing... Oh the coconut shrimp... Bravo! My family here from Indiana staying here with me on Anna Maria Island. My family flew back here to Florida after our little brother passed away unexpectedly, my family came back to stay with me awhile for rest on the beach. Thank You Anna Maria Island Oyster Bar. Excellent everything dinner with my family 💞 We appreciate the great service...

Linda Browning

Sep 18, 2022

We have been meeting here for lunch for at least 15 years, love this place

Chris Fox

Sep 17, 2022

Love the food and the people

Scott Clark

Sep 16, 2022

Great experience, great food and great service. Tyler made me feel at home, made a great recommendation and he didn’t do me no wrong. I’m I coming back, you bet. Also learned the ownership looks after their people and give back to their community. 5 stars baby! Be back soon!

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Questions & Answers

do you have Prime Rib today? what time

David Thompson | Sep 21, 2020
David Weaver | Sep 21, 2020

Yes one pm on!

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Are u open Thanksgiving Day?

Carol Pierce | Sep 22, 2019
Anna Maria Oyster Bar - Cortez | Sep 22, 2019

Sorry, we are closed Thanksgiving Day to spend time with our families.

soup nd sandwich specials?

Herb Baron | Sep 22, 2019
Greg Art | Sep 22, 2019

They have clam chowder , and gumbo. Usually eat dinner, don't know about soup/sandwich combo. The have a great seafood pasta with alfredo at lunch.

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How do I buy a gift card from out of state as gift for friends who live in Bradenton ?

Sally * | Sep 22, 2018
Lisa Sollas- Martin | Sep 22, 2018

You could ask to speak to either Kevin or the GM, they may let you pay over the phone and hold the certificate for the party. Just make sure the guest knows there's one waiting for them. Make sure to put the name on the certificate as well. May work.

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Do you have king crab legs today? If so; What is MP? Do we need reservations?

Dee Huck | Apr 24, 2022
Geraldine lynn Martz | Apr 24, 2022

No I get fried fish & hush puppies 😒

Are you open New Year's Day

Karen Howard | Jan 24, 2022
Fred Palermo | Jan 24, 2022

Probably better places locally that are much better. Try Star Fish

Children eat penny an inch? Age,days times?

Angel Hansrord | Dec 25, 2021
Jason Smith | Jul 23, 2022

Sunday to Thursday 11-9, age 10 and under

Do you have crab legs? How much? All you can eat on certain nights?

Jennifer McCue | Sep 21, 2021
John Ohneth | Sep 21, 2021

All you can eat fish and chips tonight $4.99

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Are dogs allowed on your patio?

Zach Asilo | Sep 21, 2021
Carol Orler | Sep 21, 2021

They allow dogs on the patios. Trained service dogs can go inside.

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Sep 21, 2022
Julie Bunch | Sep 21, 2021

Masks and every other table seating. Very thorough cleaning of booths and tables.

What day is all you can eat?

Barbara Biggs | Sep 21, 2020
Roderick Miller (BCVideogames) | Sep 21, 2020


Do you do an all you can eat crab legs special?

Astrid Amundson | Sep 21, 2020
Keith Carson | Sep 21, 2020

Not at this time. Once back to a full menu they run Fish andChips all yuo can eat special. It is great.

Do they have call ahead seating??

Sharon Hopkins | Sep 21, 2020
Daniel Deras | Sep 21, 2020

No. But you might have to wait a bit for a table, specially in busy time.

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WARNING all you can eat NOT AVAILABLE! It would be only correct to update your menu's!!! Hmm many all you can eat options within 2 miles. The booths are already so small only thin people fit? You also have a bug problem 🐜AYCE FOR THEM!

Pete Miller | Sep 22, 2019
Pete Miller | Sep 22, 2019

I fit fine BUT an average person will have a tight fit, this has changed from last Friday. WHEN did you try AYCE?

What day is all you can eat fish and chips

Sharon Perkins | Sep 22, 2019
Anna Maria Oyster Bar - Cortez | Sep 22, 2019

Hey there! AYCE Fish & Chips is available all day on Monday :) but we offer AYCE Fish & Chips daily on our Early Bird Special menu, from 2-5pm.

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Are you open Cristmas eve?

Dana Foerster | Sep 22, 2019
Kathi Martin | Sep 22, 2019

I am not sure. Perhaps a call to be sure.

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Party of 10, do you/should you need reservations? TIA

Cindy DuBois | Sep 22, 2018
Sue Kraemer | Sep 22, 2018

One of the best restaurants in town yes make a reservation

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When is your slamming salmon

S Buckland | Sep 22, 2018
Lisa Sollas- Martin | Sep 22, 2018


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