RJ Gator's of Bradenton

Category: Bar & grill in Bradenton, Florida

Address: 6100 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, FL 34210, USA

Phone: +19417956633

Opening hours

Sunday: 10:30AM–10PM

Monday: 11AM–10PM

Tuesday: 11AM–12AM

Wednesday: 11AM–12AM

Thursday: 11AM–12AM

Friday: 11AM–12AM

Saturday: 11AM–12AM


Amanda Breeding

Sep 22, 2022

I personally enjoyed my dinner. The gator bites were very tasty. Two people in my group said their stuff was overdone.

Justin Guy Corley

Sep 22, 2022

You guys need to update the menu on doordash so you don't have any problems in the future with the chicken tenders. Here is the problem. When you go to click on "add additional sauce for 50 cents" it deselects coconut rum. This is why you guys are having problems with doordash orders. Whoever reads this message needs to forward it to the managers

Amanda Whitson

Sep 19, 2022

The quality of R J Gators has severely gone down. The last time we went there the quality of service and bartender was awful. They severely skimp on portions compared to other times, the buns on our burgers were doughy and nasty. We told the bartender who was servicing us and he had no respect and was rude through the whole experience. We were even told that the buns were the same that they had ALWAYS used. Not once in a year had we ever seen such a bun used in the entire restaurant. Our servers response was simply "i dont care". We walked out .

Rebecca See

Sep 18, 2022

Great service but don't get the snow crab. Worst I have ever had in my life. Other than that, great

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Questions & Answers

Are you dog friendly?

Mayda DeVries | Sep 21, 2021
Deborah Rochatka | Sep 21, 2021

Service dogs

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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Sep 21, 2022
Carli Evans | Sep 21, 2021

Masks when you come in until you go to your table.

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What time is happy hour

Michael Adlam | Sep 22, 2019
A Google User | Sep 22, 2019

2 4 1 every day

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All you can eat crab legs what day

Pete walker | Sep 22, 2019
Matthew Burke | Sep 22, 2019

Saturday my good man! It's a beautiful day lol

Is there a private room or area for large parties (approx. 20-30 people)?

Miss Lotl (alotlaxolotl) | Sep 22, 2019
Robert Matthews | Sep 22, 2019

There is space but it is not totally private

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Do they still show ufc fights on pay per view

Ruben Reyna | Sep 22, 2019
Josh T | Sep 22, 2019

Yes, we saw a few Friday's ago they were in a few TVs.

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Thurs or Fri which is the prime rib night

Diana Horgan | Sep 22, 2019
Bruce Bragg | Sep 22, 2019

Friday? I think call and find out

Do they broadcast Steeler games?

Daniel Hugus | Sep 22, 2019
Amanda Carter Came | Sep 22, 2019

Pretty sure they have any game you want to watch. Ask your bartender or server.

Used to be a great place to get crab legs. Apparently now it's better to let your customers wait 10 to 13 minutes between reorders We have been coming here for over two years sometimes twice a week. Place is dead and and still cant get any service.

dan dahlberg | Sep 22, 2018
Pam Connors | Sep 22, 2018

I noticed that too... but I still love the burgers...maybe they had a owner change or management change also there games are more important.. don't know why it takes soloing in the kitchen the girls are rarely on the floor never got my water refilled.

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When is trivia nite

kimberley kreais | Sep 22, 2018
Laura McAdams | Sep 22, 2018

They do general trivua on Mobdays at 7 and Thursdays music trivia at 8. Both are a great time.

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What time does all you can eat crab legs start?

Donna Tuggle | Sep 22, 2018
Claudia Johnston | Sep 22, 2018


Do you have all you can eat fried fish on Friday

Sandra Miller | Sep 22, 2018
Island News | Sep 22, 2018

Vegan here so I have no idea. LOL

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Worried about power and safe food

A Google User | Sep 22, 2017
Island News | Sep 22, 2017

Food was fantastic. Not sure about power since we are not in the area.

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