Safe Haven For Cats

Category: Animal shelter

Address: 8431 Garvey Dr #137, Raleigh, NC 27616, USA

Phone: +19198727233

Opening hours

Sunday: 11AM–5PM

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 11AM–5PM

Wednesday: 11AM–5PM

Thursday: 11AM–5PM

Friday: 11AM–5PM

Saturday: 11AM–5PM


Tiffany Foster

Sep 22, 2022

Great people here and great kitties. I volunteer here too. Please come to give a kitty a loving home so more can be saved!!!

Silvia Ying

Sep 18, 2022

Adopted our baby on our first visit to Safe Haven 4 Cats after running around the town and visited other adoption centers over 6 times. We had to wait for 45min before entering, and the wait was so worth it. They do it so cats don’t get overwhelmed by the crowds and they make sure you can take your time and have opportunities to play with the cats. Vicky is extremely helpful and sweet, she introduced every single adoptable cat there and you can just tell that she loves every single of them. She knows their personalities, she knows how long they have been there, and she answers every question you have about each cat. They set up play rooms where you can meet the cat, you get sanitized before entering the room. They taught all kittens so well, you just know that they are loved, and they are affectionate towards humans. After visiting almost all shelters around Raleigh area, I would say I had the best experience here. Not to mention you can bring your baby home right after deciding to adopt them, the whole process is smooth and fast. Vicky stayed overtime for us since we were the last visitors, and we really appreciate her patience and everything this shelter has done to help those angels🐈🐈🐈

Sarah Thompson

Aug 18, 2022

I had such a wonderful experience at Safe Haven this week. I went looking for an adult cat and was kindly greeted and helped by volunteer Peggy who introduced me to the sweetest and fluffiest girl that I got to take home the same day! The staff and volunteers care so much about the cats and are very knowledgeable and thorough. The process was pretty seamless and I was impressed with how clean and well-run the shelter was. 100% recommend for adopting a kitty or adult cat for there!

zach, hi

Aug 8, 2022

This company is run by the human equivalent of cat litter. Maybe don't just outright tell people you're going to euthanize the defenseless stray cats that you claim to be a "safe haven" for.

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Questions & Answers

I found a kitten when she was no more than 1 month old abandoned wet,cold,and shaky i took her in she's 5 months now and my fiancee is becoming more ill with his allergies I'm no able to keep her..please help may i take her there???

Morenita D. | Sep 22, 2019
Morenita D. | Sep 22, 2019

Thank you everyone for such motivational and positive feedback...I kept her and she eats like a horse and is very sweet and Loves to play and be talked to ❤ GOD Bless ❤🌼

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We have a very pregnant cat that is homeless and can not keep her our landlord will not let us. We keep her feed and watered but worried about the babies is there anyone that can take her.

catherine devinney | Sep 22, 2019
jonna artisan | Sep 22, 2019

Tieli Nolti, you can find her on Facebook. She is a foster for Wake Gov Pets, Wake County Animal Care. Google : Friends of Wake County Animal Center 820 Beacon Lake Dr. They foster animals until they are adopted.

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I am seriously looking for a young male black & white tuxedo kitten to adopt. I recently lost precious kitty to cancer and I'm very sad and lonely. Can you help me?

Linda G. Quarles | Sep 22, 2019
Vandy Bradow | Sep 22, 2019

Look at Second Chance if you don't see one h e re😊

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I have a cat that is almost two year old, tested and passed feline tests and vaccines when he was a few weeks old, have the number to the vet but no papers, I travel a lot for work and I am not able to care for home anymore. He needs a good home

A Google User | Sep 22, 2018
Mansoor | Sep 22, 2018

Good luc

How much for adoption of a female cat

Darlene Rodrigues | Sep 22, 2018
Dennice Carrasquillo | Sep 22, 2018

I have a female cat even her litter of kittens for free just looking for a home

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On strays what is the cost to get a male cat fixed .? hes a neighbhood cat thats been hanging around for bout 8 months. not a ferral hes too friendly he comes in on cold nites .

tina miller | Feb 23, 2022
Carol Strammiello | Aug 22, 2022

I am feeding a stray gentle cat. There is also a male not fixted that comes around as the owners let the cat out. The male cat comes around all the time to eat.

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My Mom has a mother cat and two kittens that are hanging around her house. I do not want to take them to a 72 hour shelter. If I could catch them is there anyone who would work with them to get them more domesticated and adopted?

Angela Goff | Sep 21, 2020
layah perez | Sep 21, 2020

Safe haven is a good place we work with cats to get them to a good home just call our number and we will tell you more call around 1:30 we will assist you with information and what to do

My wife and I have 2 cats we can’t keep anymore, can we bring them to you guys? Or do you have a suggestion of another place we can take them?

Pastor Jeff Crain | Sep 22, 2019
Porfirio Morales | Sep 22, 2019

I do not think they accept them, my son and I took a cat we had and they told us to take her to the shelter of Wake county in Raleigh.

Do you accept donations of prescription meds? I have 22 amoxicillin trihydrate and clavulanate potassium tablets 62.5 mg--unopened, sealed in original foil packet. My cat cannot take them. I would to help another pet by donating them.

Karen Dean | Sep 22, 2018
Marie Jones | Sep 22, 2018

They have in the past. Call or send an email to info at with the details and someone will respond about current practice/policy.

Our neighbors abandoned their cat a few years ago & we have been feeding her. She has had 3 litters that we know of. We took in 2 from her last litter but she is pregnant again & so is her daughter. Can Safe Haven help?

Hana Monroe | Sep 22, 2018
William Whittington | Sep 22, 2018

yes they can, call them and explain what is going on.

Does Safe Haven take cats that are blind? Would they euthanize a cat for being blind?

Marlene Brotherhood | Sep 22, 2018
Scott Stein | Sep 22, 2018

I think they would take blind cats and they would do a great job at finding them good homes. Our cat was rescued from Puerto Rico after the horrible hurricanes this year. Safe Haven took him in and they brought him back to good health. We love him.

Do you all take in kittens? I have been feeding 4 kittens where I keep my horse. The residents don't want the kittens to stay there. Thank you

Debra Jones | Aug 22, 2022
Outcast Sikeman | Aug 22, 2022

Give them a call please and see what they say, since they're kittens

i need help finding a home for my cats. i originally had two and was wanting one litter. i am a big animal lover and my finances did not work where i could get them fixed fast enough. now i have way too many. is there someone who can help?

TJ Johnson | Jul 23, 2022
Outcast Sikeman | Jul 23, 2022

Go to the safe Haven website I believe there is a section for something of that nature, or if nothing else just call him and ask Good luck

Would it be possible to froster a cat temporarily? Until we have a home? I don’t want them to be adopted or anything. It because our relatives are allergic where we are staying.

It’s Sandy Baby | Jul 23, 2022
It’s Sandy Baby | Jul 23, 2022

Thank you guys sooo. I didn’t want to give up my fur babies

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Hi where can I take some kittens that I found under a mobile home they about 1week old they need a nursing mom please help!! Zebulon nc or surrounded areas.

Jessica Garcia Dominguez | Jun 23, 2022
vicki doran | Jun 23, 2022

Try Paws For Life, Safe Haven, Purr Partners. But true you have to fill out a form on any of the rescues. Good luck

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Is this an open shelter to bring a cat

Adrienne Cuffie | Apr 24, 2022
Britni S | Apr 24, 2022

You can call to see if they have space to take a cat. Or, you can inquire via the website and someone will contact you.

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I have filled out the waitlist form for two kittens that have been abandoned by their mama. I have not heard anything should I call and speak with someone?

Rebecca B | Oct 26, 2021
Outcast Sikeman | Oct 26, 2021

Don't give up hope, it is kitten season still and I'm sure they are very busy, keep trying to get in contact with him, Don't give on them

Is this place accepting kittens now?

Debbie Chapman | Sep 21, 2021
Outcast Sikeman | Sep 21, 2021

Safe Haven has a lot of kittens right now for adoption, you need to go to the website and see what their policy is for kitten intake

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Hey I have 2 cats that need good homes does anyone know if they have space or anywhere I can get them good homes they are very sweet.

Netta Cole | Sep 21, 2021
Donna Webster | Sep 21, 2021

Yes. They are wonderful. Just surrendered a kitten I found ..give them a call.

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Do I need to bring a cat carrier if I am adopting Do they let you take the animal home the same day

Dawn Brodeur8 | Sep 21, 2020
Amanda Knight | Sep 21, 2020

its a good idea to bring a carrier - they typically let you take home same day after payment and paperwork of course

Grandson allergic to cats severely, need good home food cat😫

Angiee Cintron | Sep 21, 2020
Allysa Thomas | Sep 21, 2020

Angiee if you have the Nextdoor app, you can brodcast out a message to your neighborhood that you're looking to re-home your cat. It's a really handy app to have : ) Edit* Looks like I wrote over my previous comment : \

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I have five kittens. Between 10 - 12 weeks. They r social and playful. They eat well. Have reached out to my vet and a rescue co. No one can help me. What can I do? I do not want anything to happen to them.

Sherrie Handy | Sep 22, 2019
Lou Fuddrucker | Sep 22, 2019

Call safehaven for cats.keep them inside. Take photos.put photos on face book.

Does anyone want a male Bombay cat that is fully trained?. I'm moving and I can't take him with me. He's all blackwith golden eyes.

Jacob Melecio | Sep 22, 2019
Lou Fuddrucker | Sep 22, 2019

Did you find the cat a home

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I found a kitten here at a laundry place but I don’t know what to do with it my mom doesn’t want to take care of it so if anyone could help and take care of it that would make my day.

Johnny Kg | Sep 22, 2018
Suzanne Coffman | Sep 22, 2018

Please call safe Haven or take to them.

Does safe Haven have a microchip reader? There is a pretty mama cat in my neighborhood that has been hanging out at my doorstep for a week now. I’ve tried to find the owner but have had no luck. I feel sorry for this cat but I can’t keep her.

Denise Reap | Sep 22, 2018
Dawn Fulks | Sep 22, 2018

I believe they do but you can call and ask to be sure.

Have two black female cats that were abandoned/ dropped off. Feeding but need homes for both. One part Persian. The other short haired. They are from different homes. Too old to care for. Outside strays. Need advise .

Peggy Wilkins | Sep 22, 2018
G 2ez | Sep 22, 2018

Try to take care of them

Does anyone know about a pet food pantry local I can get dog food.

Vic Igawaya Austin | Sep 22, 2018
Kendra Hudson | Sep 22, 2018

The Wake Co. SPCA has a pet food pantry. Animeals. Call for details!

Are you a no kill shelter???

Madison Baby | Sep 22, 2018
Jennifer Stevens | Sep 22, 2018

Safe haven is amazing. They don't euthanize a animal unless it us suffering and there is nothing their get can do to save the cat.

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Have a little stray kitten in back yard. Cannot find anymore. I have an in door cat cannot take another one. Feeding the kitten but it needs a home. I live in Wake Forest, will you take this kitten?

Gwen Moore | Sep 22, 2017
Jackie Arocho | Sep 22, 2018

Do you have pictures?

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