Clubhouse Apartments

Category: Apartment building in La Quinta, California

Address: 80175 52nd Ave, La Quinta, CA 92253, USA

Phone: +17605641110


Lucy Villarreal

Jun 10, 2021

Ten do not allow pets and don't let kids ride bikes or scuter

jennifer escobedo

Apr 20, 2019

I have been a resident going on 2 years now and I totally recommend this place! It's a super quiet and clean. Martha and Liz are absolute sweethearts. I love the pool and laying out under the cabanas. They are constantly working on adding amazing features. Water works and now they are building an Orchard for the residents to enjoy! Can't wait for the Meyer lemon tree. This place rocks!


Apr 18, 2019

The villagio was a horrible experience.what they dont tell you is that cell service is horrible at the villagio when signing that lease. It's not quiet as they smoking they say... well I believe if you live on the 3rd floor you can I always smell the cigarettes in the air.Also they smoke by the playground area near dumpsters. Lots of cigarette butts on sand. The Villagio gets more weed deliveries then pizza deliveries..looks nice the villagio but it's like a nasty wound covered up with a simple bandaid. And the so called new Dog Park is nomore. Also people that dont live here,wait at the gate to be opened by a tenant. Get's irritating. Between the Racist Tenant on the east side. Patio inspection and home inspections. Place is not worth it. More for retired old folks. Or for Cops and Docs that live here already. I have found needles in the parking lot also. The iron man challenge too was the worst with traffic and all. The community party that they do is mostly for folks that dont work and kids at the villagio. Because by the time you arrive at the party after work all the food is gone.By far the worst experience I have had. Horrible place especially with that Racist tenant..For paying the amount that they charge monthly. And for them to tell you how to live. No thanks! Then need to stop painting the building so much. Waste of $.

Jasmine Escobar

Jan 19, 2019

It's a nice calm clean and welcoming place to live it's the absolute best !

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Questions & Answers

How much for a 2 bedroom apt.?

Cruz R. Arellano | Sep 14, 2021
SoCal Leak Detection | Sep 14, 2021

Approx 1500.00

Is this a pet friendly place

Sherry Brown | Sep 15, 2019
Jasmine Escobar | Sep 15, 2019

They have to be a service dog

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