Bull Creek Flea Market - Trade Center

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Address: 248 Cr-3384, Prestonsburg, KY 41653, USA

Opening hours

Sunday: 7AM–5PM

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 7AM–5PM

Saturday: 7AM–5PM



May 31, 2022

At one setup down there, they have some really full flowers. They are really pretty. Of course they are fake but you know they are for cemeteries and so on.

thomas blankenship

Nov 13, 2021

Has about anything you want or need. Awesome place. Plenty of parking an spaces to rent if your a seller

Shawn Justice

Sep 21, 2021

Great place to get used material and things plus awesome pork rinds that were made fresh that day

James Meade

Sep 21, 2021

Love this place. You can always find nice friendly people and some good food. The bacon strip are amazing get some at the booth that sells the pork rinds. And there is always good deals to be found

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Questions & Answers

Has this location opened back up for buyers and sellers .

William Cordle | Nov 19, 2020
Oralee Galloway | Nov 20, 2020

Yes it has

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Can you sale just one day

Aaron Wright | Nov 20, 2019
Teresa Jervis | Nov 21, 2019

Yes..I do know some people spend Friday-Sunday there selling. Also, people that want one day do that too, maybe because of other work obligations. It's best to be there as early as possible because the booths rent out fast. Other vendors have contracted booths that they keep all the time.

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When will vendors be there for memorial day flowers

Sharon Lewis | Apr 23, 2021
Barbara Mullins | Apr 24, 2021

There there every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

How do you set up to sell at bull creek ? Do you need to reserve or just come early ?

Melissa Adkins | Nov 19, 2020
Meowma J | Nov 20, 2020

Come early. The outside tables are first come first serve as well as any tables under the sheds not marked as reserved. The owner comes by around 9am and collects payment. Inside tables are $12 a day. Outside tables are a couple dollars cheaper.

Are you all still open? Needing price if so to set up on the gravel or under the shead

Lisa Robinette | Nov 20, 2019
Tessa Younce | Nov 21, 2019

Only opened Fridays and Saturdays

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Hey how much is the free to set up shop over there? I’d like to come tomorrow and make some extra cash tried calling number disconnected

duke burleson | Nov 20, 2019
James Keen | Nov 21, 2019

Not sure. I do know it's not free.

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Hello, yes, I was just wanting to inquire about what is possibly up with ya'll? Thanks, looking forward to hearing what is up.

Bishop Martin | Nov 20, 2019
Marty Caudill | Nov 21, 2019

My fever has been up over 100 past 3 days.. Seriously.. What do you want to know? And I'm also serious on my temp..

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When does the 2018 season start or open for business????

Sharon Lewis | Nov 20, 2018
Katelyn Warren | Nov 21, 2018

it is open friday, saturday, and sunday. a great way to spend your weekend!

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Are they open on Sunday?

Shawn Johnson | Nov 20, 2018
Katelyn Warren | Nov 21, 2018

yes, they are

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Are pets allowed

John Womack | Nov 20, 2017
Steven Miller | Nov 21, 2017

Waste of time to go there nothing but junk cheaper at a store

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How much is a table

Timothy Migliaccio | Nov 20, 2018
Samantha Gross | Nov 21, 2018

How do you reserve inside tables?

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Does anyone have sports cards

Z & N Sports Channel | Feb 22, 2021
Anthony Washburn | Feb 23, 2021

I saw some there a week ago.

Is bull creek opened today

martha lemaster | Nov 19, 2020
Charly Looney | Nov 20, 2020

They are open Saturday and Sunday. Maybe Wednesday, too.

How do I contact because the number is wrong

Jillyan Natole | Nov 19, 2020
Starr Damron | Nov 20, 2020

Did you try looking for info on Facebook?

How much is it to get a spot and do they have tables for rent

Johnson Family4 | Nov 19, 2020
Clyde Dingess | Nov 20, 2020

$12 under the sheds cheaper if not under the shec

how much are the airpods

Xander Jewell | Nov 20, 2019
James Mcdonald | Nov 21, 2019

a lot too look at and a great place

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Is flea mkt. Open Memorial day?

Rick Nance | Nov 20, 2019
Angie Manning | Nov 21, 2019


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Are they going to be open on Easter..

Sheena Adkins | Nov 20, 2019
Angie Manning | Nov 21, 2019


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Will the flea market be open Sunday April 14th?

Irene Elrod | Nov 20, 2019
Tracy Dotson | Nov 21, 2019

Yes But they close earlier on Sundays

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Is people set up at bull Creek Flea Market?

connie Prater | Nov 20, 2019
Lisa Jolly | Nov 21, 2019


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How much to set up and can you park at your table

Aaron Wright | Nov 20, 2019
Angie Manning | Nov 21, 2019

Yes you park at your table. Its $7 a table,

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Do u still have space for hillbilly days

Berry Carner | Nov 20, 2019
Angie Manning | Nov 21, 2019

It's a first come first serve to get a spot..they don't reserve spots unless you rent booths by the month on the inside

Are y’all gonna next selling anything this weekend coming up?

Sidney Lowe | Nov 20, 2019
Phillip Sandvick | Nov 21, 2019


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Is this open all year?? And I've read It's $10. To rent a table... Do you pay that day or can you reserve for a while.. And can you bring xtra tables and is it $10 per table??? Thank you

Sonia Tackett | Nov 20, 2018
David McCauley | Nov 21, 2018

It is 10$ the last time I was there. I believe you can reserve tables too because I have seen reserved on some. It is open only on weekends but yes year round.

Are they open tmmr?

Whitney Jacobs | Nov 20, 2018
Casey | Nov 21, 2018

Yes. The flea market is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are more people selling on Saturday and Sunday than on Friday. Best times to come are between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Do you sell rooster 🐓.

Becky Deninger | Nov 20, 2018
Amanda Thomas | Nov 21, 2018

Have never seen any animals

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Can you bring extra tables or just their tables allowed?

Samantha Gross | Nov 20, 2018
tom craft | Nov 21, 2018

You can bring tables also

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Have you any green beans, half runner

Barbara Wells | Nov 20, 2018
rick thomas | Nov 21, 2018

Not for another week or so

How much is it to set up and sell? And who do I pay?

Christine Bevins | Nov 20, 2017
Helen mae Sizemore | Nov 21, 2017

Ten dollars to rent a table and there is a lady there in a food booth I can pay but get there early to get a booth

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