Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven

Category: Gift shop

Address: 115 S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938, USA

Phone: +12156931184

Opening hours

Sunday: 1:30–7PM

Monday: 1–7PM

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 1–7PM

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Closed

Saturday: 1–8PM


Gertude Dragowski

Nov 28, 2020

Tammie is very enchanting, delightful,warm, caring. Been awhile since I was there. My last visit,which was awhile ago, her and her sister (the dark hairwoman) were funny and professional. Great prices, a wonderful reading. Was back in town, sadly the store was closed, ( Hope you are doing well) WISH you had better hours! Hopefully by spring 2021 I will be back to visit you 2.Hello Gertrude, so sorry I missed you. My hours are updated each day here on Google.Glad you like the store. Bright blessings!

Vanessa Maia

Sep 29, 2020

AhAMAZING! Every time! I enjoy the spirit in the space! So fun and easy going.. with some intimidation at first glance with SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM! It's a must check out if you're experiencing New Hope for the first time or the thousandths time. Get the candles with spell kits for the real deal (again, for the first time or the...). Mail me a kit if you do go! The price is affordable enough!

Sara G

Dec 28, 2020

This store is so amazing and the pregnant woman (I don't remember her name) was so nice and very helpful to my friend and I

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Questions & Answers

What color candle is for finances luck,prosperity

Patricia Marlin | Jan 18, 2018
Elizabeth Miles | Jan 19, 2018


Is Visa accepted?

Steph Morrow | Jan 18, 2019
Dawn Leonard | Jan 19, 2019


What is the proper procedure for disposing an unopened ouija board?

igunvidz - | Jan 18, 2020
Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven (Owner) | Jan 19, 2020

Of it is not open, take it bAck to the retailer. Or, you can bury it. NEVER BURN A OUIJA BOARD!

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

People are asking | May 1, 2021
Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven (Owner) | May 2, 2021

Masks are required along with social distancing.

Good morning I have bought a come to me candle and I want to say have a question I have both the candle and the my kits do I say my own words or I just say it was on the card and how do I do it.

Nikki Green | Jun 30, 2021
Lord Cooper | Jul 1, 2021

You can say your own words….but keep in mind that whatever you say, that your intentions are clear & precise.

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