Stanford Blood Center Administrative Office Headquarters and Labs

Category: Medical clinic in Palo Alto, California

Address: 3373 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA

Phone: +18887237831


Tim Bell

Mar 7, 2019

The donation center on Hillview Avenue in Palo Alto is closed permanently. I was turned away at the door by a sign (see attached).

Alice Simon

Nov 12, 2017

I enjoyed my donation experience at the Stanford Blood Center, Palo Alto. My five stars goes to Davina because she was kind and professional.

Robert Hegedus

Feb 7, 2017

Been giving blood at Stanford since 2000. This is my facility of choice when appointments are available. The staff is smart, always good conversation to be had. They are very knowledgeable and are on top of things if someone shows signs of being light headed or needing assistance. Keep up the awesome work and will be back soon. :)

Bill Coughran

Feb 21, 2013

Local place to give blood. Easy to do. More people should do it.

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Questions & Answers

How old do you have to be to give blood?

Leanne Cox | Sep 1, 2018
Peter Zalicki | Sep 1, 2018

You must be 18, or 16 with parental consent.

Open this coming Saturday at Hillsdale?

bill Patterson | Sep 1, 2019
Stanford Blood Center Administrative Office Headquarters and Labs | Sep 1, 2019

Hi Bill. We are not open on Saturdays at our Hillview location, but would love to see you at our Menlo Park or Mountain View location if you can make it. You can find our hours of operation here: Thanks for reaching out.

hi; I am a student, who is making a research for a school proyect about you. i found most of the info that i needed but still lefting one more question. how many donors are there per year?? best reggards, Luis Alba.

Luis Alba Fernández | Sep 1, 2018
Stanford Blood Center Administrative Office Headquarters and Labs | Sep 1, 2018

Hi Luis. Apologies for the delay. Last year, we saw just over 43,000 donors. I hope this helps.Thanks!

What are medications that preclude being able to donate such as Lipitor or baby aspirin ?

Vicki Nosanov Goldman | Sep 1, 2018
Wendy Pituley | Sep 1, 2018

That only applies if donating platelets. Baby aspirin and lipitor are ok.

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I’m 64 years old man can I donate my blood for research and find out how is my health condition??????! And after that for other people! I don’t have aids or some sexual dezizest from past. My blood is “ 0 - “ everyone can have it . if deserved

Andy Ciosinski | Sep 1, 2018
Kent L | Sep 1, 2018

There are no health reports

Can I donate platelets with type 2 non insulin dependent diabetes?

Scott Wright | Sep 1, 2018
Quinn Walker | Sep 1, 2018

You should be able to donate.

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