Burger King

Category: Restaurant in Puyallup, Washington

Address: 17524 Meridian Ave E, Puyallup, WA 98375, USA

Phone: +12538405295

Opening hours

Sunday: 6AM–11PM

Monday: 6AM–11PM

Tuesday: 11AM–8PM

Wednesday: 11AM–8PM

Thursday: 6AM–11PM

Friday: 6AM–11PM

Saturday: 6AM–11PM


Sarah Wood

Jun 12, 2022

I am extremely disappointed in the service here. My fiancee and I waited in line for 2 impossible burgers for 20 minutes. When we asked for a discount, nope. When we asked for them to toss 1 fry in the bag the reply from the young but large curly haired guy, "everybody's waiting". The manager who wore a black button up apologized to us but said our order got messed up and they were re-making it. Our burgers were cold. So... very unprofessional. I will never visit this bk again and I don't expect it to stay open for much longer with service like that.

Sherri Navarro

May 2, 2022

I was in the drive-thru for 30 min. We all started backing out. While I was there 12 cars came and left. I too backed up. When I went inside they only had 3 employees. The two cooks looked so tired that they almost looked stoned. This use to be a good restaurant to come to. I left with no food unable to even place my order. Why are only 3 people there? I saw a review from 2 mths ago. Same thing. Why are you not doing anything about it? Why are you killing the Burger King Brand. McDonald's is definitly winning right now. If you are not going to run it properly, close it down. I wouldnt be surprised if those 3 workers walk off the job soon. Noone should have to work like that in those conditions.


Feb 27, 2022

I understand there is a shortage of staff, but they just spent a lot of time and money adding a second lane to the drive-thru, and can't ever keep up. To be honest, I have yet to go to a restaurant where the extra lane didn't slow everything down substantially. "Fast food" implies you won't be sitting in line for 20+ minutes. Might be a good idea to get more people in your grill so the food comes out faster, instead of just taking even more orders you can't prepare in a reasonable amount of time.

Train Wreck

Sep 16, 2021

I don’t know who was working tonight at 10:30pm (9/15/21), but that was the best looking burger I’ve had from a fast food place. Our fries were nice and fresh and that sweet tea was on point! Way to be BK💪🏼

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Questions & Answers

I was just there and didn't get the 8 piece jalapenos cheddar bites.

Dobey | Nov 15, 2020
Armando Montalvo | Nov 16, 2020

Im a regular costumer, but lately their services have been excellent. Super friendly people and that has not always been the case

I lost the receipt and we already left.. we bought in the drive thru..

Abby Vega | Dec 16, 2017
Duane Cooper | Dec 17, 2017


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