Mom's Apple Pie

Category: Bakery

Address: 126 Commerce St, Occoquan Historic District, VA 22125, USA

Phone: +17034977437

Opening hours

Sunday: 8AM–6PM

Monday: 8AM–7PM

Tuesday: 8AM–7PM

Wednesday: 8AM–7PM

Thursday: 8AM–7PM

Friday: 8AM–7PM

Saturday: 8AM–7PM

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Questions & Answers

Is it too late to get a pie for Thanksgiving?

Cara McWilli | Jul 18, 2020
Kenneth Sykes | Jul 19, 2020

Not at all, get in there early!

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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

People are asking | Dec 20, 2020
Avis Renshaw | Dec 21, 2020

All staff are required to wear masks, as are all customers. We limit the number of people shopping in the store at any given time. We ozone the store every night and have two HEPA filter air cleaners running 24-7. As already mentioned, there is a one way path through the store to keep people flowing in one direction. Sanitizer is available at the entrance and exit for customers to use. After the holidays are over, we will go back to our additional online ordering system that allows for picking up your purchase at the exit door for those who wish to remain outside.

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Do you have gluten free pies (crusts)?

Betsy Beyler | Dec 20, 2020
Leesburg Store | Dec 21, 2020

We do make GF pies - best to order in advance, though during busy holiday times we do plan to make them without orders. All GF fruit pies are made with a "crumb" topping instead of the double butter-crust.

Will your hours be the same next we as they usually are?

Joann Armstrong | Jul 18, 2020
Mom's Apple Pie (Owner) | Jul 19, 2020

Yes, same hours! mom

Are there any stores in Illinois?

Mimi Seagears | Jul 19, 2018
Tyrone Singletary | Jul 20, 2018


Special hours for Columbus Day Monday?

rowena ibanez | Jul 19, 2018
miguel luna | Jul 20, 2018


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When will your pumpkin pie make its appearance again?

S. Edward Tj Gerety III MBA | Jul 19, 2018
Tom Noel | Jul 20, 2018

Just visited, and happy to say that their pumpkin pie is on sale.

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