Veronica's Bakery & Café

Category: Bakery

Address: 6354 Springfield Blvd, Springfield, VA 22150, USA

Phone: +17038660412

Opening hours

Sunday: 5:30AM–10PM

Monday: 5:30AM–10PM

Tuesday: 5:30AM–10PM

Wednesday: 5:30AM–10PM

Thursday: 5:30AM–10PM

Friday: 5:30AM–10PM

Saturday: 5:30AM–10PM

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Questions & Answers

The food pretty good ... but the service is bad. A cashier high. He didn't want to tell me the name ... it's pessimistic ... I didn't go to ask ... I would love for the manager to put himself in the clients' place ...

Cecilia B. Constanza Munoz | Oct 26, 2020
maria Hernandez | Oct 27, 2020

I came to this restaurant and the person in front does not attend well, they ignore people when they speak, they asked for the manager's number and they did not give eguibocado

The food is very rich but the truth is that they have a worker who, as if they were asking for one, is very bitter if they knew about the clients they live, is one that is on Monday morning in the box

Victor Gomez | Jun 23, 2020
Yo Jesus | Jun 24, 2020

If it's true, everything is fine only that sometimes they are in a bad mood

This place is a real scam buy some $ and expensive flavor quesadillas. I do not recommend it.

Jose Cantarero | Jun 23, 2020
Jairo Castillo | Jun 24, 2020

Rich excellent service and good price

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