Category: Gas station

Address: 8755 Washington Blvd, Jessup, MD 20794, USA

Phone: +13017250907

Opening hours

Sunday: 5AM–11PM

Monday: 5AM–11PM

Tuesday: 5AM–11PM

Wednesday: 5AM–11PM

Thursday: 5AM–11PM

Friday: 5AM–11PM

Saturday: 5AM–11PM



Jun 28, 2021

I went to this station to get gas about 30 minutes ago. I used my Giant rewards points which gave me 95 cents off. Once I put my card in for payment, the screen was stuck on “One Moment Please”. I went inside and told the attendant. The attendant said he would have to cancel the transaction. I asked what about the 95 cents off per gallon because once he cancels the transaction, I won’t be able to use the points again. He stated that I would be able to. As expected, I couldn’t use the 95 cents off. I went inside and told the attendant and was met with him saying it’s nothing he can do about it. So basically I got robbed of my points at the fault of the pump.

Alex Andreadis

Feb 3, 2020

A good Shell w/ competitive gas prices. Also, my fuel rewards & giant rewards combine nicely here. (That's not true at some Shell stations.)

Jason Bender

Feb 21, 2018

There’s always a homeless person lurking around this station or the Burger King next door. There’s also people who approach you while you’re pumping gas with the “scam” of “I need some cash to get gas to get to such and such place”. This place is just shady.

Harley Dree (The Hudson Path)

Jun 15, 2016

Cheapest fuel in the area. Well set up for traffic & not overwhelmingly busy as some stops in the area. Small store with very kind service! Not everything is priced which can make budget snacking a little difficult. Fun homey style area with a couch and random chair. Recommended quick stop.

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Questions & Answers

I've gone here multiple times around 4:45 am and the pumps are shutdown, and no one is in the store, and doors are locked. They say they operate 24/7. Has anyone else encountered this?

John Freund | Oct 19, 2020
Michael O Hunter | Oct 20, 2020

Yes, different time but closed during early morning hours

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