Is this the restaurant Jon is seen in? I'm thinking that's the only way I'll get to meet him in person .

Karen Coogan | Nov 8, 2018 | Category: American restaurant in Red Bank, New Jersey

JBJ Soul Kitchen - All questions

Address: 207 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701, USA

vic zavala | Nov 8, 2018

... sometimes he shows up, he's a peoples person, very kind and friendly, you will not be disappointed ! 😎

Christina RS | Nov 8, 2018

He stops in occasionally, but mostly for events. Its a great place with amazing food, so come by soon!

david mccarthy | Nov 8, 2018

1 in 200 chance you will see him. My daughter has volunteered there over 20 times and never saw him or his wife. Great place though.

Jim Bemiss | Nov 8, 2018

His wife is the principle overseer. He almost never goes there.

Corinne Yaworski | Nov 8, 2018

I was told he was there several times.

Phyllis Noviello | Nov 8, 2018

Can you make reservations?

Karen Coogan | Nov 8, 2018

I'd like to plan a trip with friends to go in the summer, I think jon is a wonderfully humble guy, he deserves to be recognized for all the wonderful things he does for people less fortunate

Bill Kieffer | Nov 8, 2018

You have a chance to see his dad in the kitchen on Wednesdays

diane | Nov 8, 2018

His non orofit owns it so there is a chance he may stop by

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