How late are the pool and sauna open and what's the extra cost for 24/7 access

heather powell | Oct 2, 2019 | Category: Gym in Ocala, Florida

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Angela Evans | Oct 2, 2019

The pool and sauna are open every moment the gym is open. And depending on your schedule 24/7 access is worth it for the price. Not too much extra. $20-$25 I believe. They are open at 5AM every day during the week and according to Facebook they changed Saturday to open at 5AM as well, cutting an hour from Sunday now open at 10AM, if you don't have 24 hour access.

Kenneth King | Oct 2, 2019

The pool and the sauna is open access 24/7 and from what I know you pay one time for 24-hour access I believe it's about $25

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