The Country Cottage

Category: Gift shop

Address: 10448 Harper Rd, Darien Center, NY 14040, USA

Phone: +15855479591

Opening hours

Sunday: 11AM–6PM

Monday: 11AM–6PM

Tuesday: 11AM–6PM

Wednesday: 11AM–6PM

Thursday: 11AM–6PM

Friday: 11AM–6PM

Saturday: 11AM–6PM

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Questions & Answers

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

People are asking | Apr 24, 2021
The Country Cottage (Owner) | Apr 25, 2021

We wear masks and ask that you do as well while you are indoors with other customers. Masks not required while wandering the gardens etc. we’re great at social distancing with 6 cottages to wander.

Apparently i got deleted from the text list because i did not respond. I did not know i had to respond. I am wondering if you are having a holiday open house? If so the date and time?

Sandra Brzoza | May 25, 2019
Betty Finegan | May 26, 2019

This weekend, I think. It's on their Facebook page

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