Category: Grocery store

Address: 5137 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234, USA

Phone: +14803255807

Opening hours

Sunday: 6AM–10PM

Monday: 6AM–10PM

Tuesday: 6AM–10PM

Wednesday: 6AM–10PM

Thursday: 6AM–10PM

Friday: 6AM–10PM

Saturday: 6AM–10PM

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Questions & Answers

Is it really necessary to let your heavy smokers work as cashiers handling food? Tonnya or however she spells it smells like an ashtray from 4 feet away. Is it possible to not have people who don't care about hygiene handle our food? Thanks

Tad Hamilton | May 9, 2019
jeff l | May 10, 2019

When did we as a people forget that people are still people. Everyone is flawed and I say let the 1st person who is perfect in everyway cast the 1st stone. Oh what, that's right since everyone is flawed no one can cast the 1st stone. Please worry about the plank in your own eye before you try to take someone else's out. Last I checked cashier`s do not handle closed and concealed food by opening sealed containers or closed bags of bread, fruit, etc. However the hundreds of people shopping everyday do handle the opened items by knocking on them, squeezing them, picking them up to move them, etc. So those items I certainly hope you wash anyways. Furthermore where is the compassion for people in general. Maybe she just found out her dog died and was extremely saddened which is why she forgot to wash up before returning so that people like you wouldn't complain about someone's personal hygiene. Please note the word "personal." Personally I do not smoke.

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Do you carry homade chili sauce?

Scott Edwards | May 9, 2018
Onika Mathews | May 10, 2018


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Does this place offer free internet?

Dangerous “Jr” Night | May 8, 2020
Jeanette Summers | May 9, 2020

Yes they do.

Do you carry 00 flour

Karen Stevens | May 9, 2018
fran flynn | May 10, 2018

Maybe never heard of that before

When will you have prime rib roast on/for sale for the holidays?

Paul Samuels | May 8, 2020
heidi mcgovern | May 9, 2020

I think Roger is right. I know they have it on sale around Christmad at fryes. I don't think it is a great sale anywhere. Prime rib is expensive out here in AZ!

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Does store have gas pumps at location?

Dennis Palma | May 8, 2020
Lorenzo Hart | May 9, 2020

No pumps at that location...

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Can I order fresh turkey for pick up before thanksgiving

Cathy Saur | May 9, 2019
Jesse DeLeon | May 10, 2019

Sure can. Just order early

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Does this store have senior wednesday?

Phyllis Nell | May 9, 2019
Sara Suarez | May 10, 2019

Yes.....the first wed of every month

Do you carry Yashi gourmet wing sweet and sour sauce?

Susan Svejda | May 9, 2019
jeff l | May 10, 2019

No they do not carry any Yashi products.

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