Hobby Lobby

Category: Craft store in San Antonio, Texas

Address: 286 Bitters Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA

Phone: +12104957497

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9AM–8PM

Tuesday: 9AM–8PM

Wednesday: 9AM–8PM

Thursday: 9AM–8PM

Friday: 9AM–8PM

Saturday: 9AM–8PM



Nov 6, 2022

One of the best hobby lobbys I've been in. This store has their shoppers in mind when organizing.

Pop 2018 Beltran

Nov 5, 2022

I been to many hobby lobby stores but this one the cashiers are rude to customers, I noticed many times.

Antoinette “TONI” Lakey

Nov 5, 2022

I just don't like supporting a business that doesn't value women. But the ONLY place I could find the boa was here......ughhhh

Natasha Harris

Nov 4, 2022

Disneyland of crafts🥰😍

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Questions & Answers

Are pets allowed if carried in a basket?

TatelynJ | Nov 7, 2021
Dolores M | Nov 7, 2021

I take my pup in, and the employees still take my money. No one ever says anything.

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Does this place have thermal beads for teeth

Zachh Ritch | Nov 8, 2019
Alicia Harp | Nov 8, 2019

No in the wed said the done have thermal beads. But each store is different you can call home you found. GOOD LUCK.

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Nov 7, 2022
SOPHIA in a Country Song | Nov 7, 2021

THIS "IS-the MOST-POPULAR-INQUIRY"✅ asked-by ALL-USERS🛫on EACH⛪GOOGLE-MAPS🏢question🏥FOR🏫every🏪Business🏬 〰🔻〰🔻〰🔻〰 FOLLOW🤶"CDC"🎅'C'enters[for]'D'isease 'C'ontrol📰(and)prevention; The-National-Public-Health-agency for-the🌎United States<>#In ATLANTA, GA# 😂1️⃣😿2️⃣👶3️⃣😅4️⃣😹5️⃣😷 🌺,🌼 1)🖐⏯Wear-your PROTECTIVE-COVID-MASK 'When-You-Feel'😐 necessary🙉 2)🖐⏭STAY 6inches-APART while-PURCHASING-YOUR-ITEM at-REGISTER 'If-You-Think'😐is-Needed🙉; "Not-to🧣Get🤧SICK"->[protecting-YOURSELF, first🤒❗] '&' (THEN Others🤓❓) 💮, 🌷 ** Whether-Your=Personal-Space= **, IS-RESPECTED-BY-OTHER-PATRONS [[⭐Your-HEALTH-is🌟NUMBER#1⭐]] . #when-you-have-to pay EXPENSIVE👩‍⚕️HOSPITAL💲BILL👨‍⚕️to-get-better💊#

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Do you have rolls of red ribbon for gift wrapping?

Stone Haus | Nov 7, 2021
Sherry hoekstra | Nov 7, 2021

No they didn't. Out of most all xmas stuff. Already putting up spring stuff

Do you have wire and tools fo4 workiñg with wire hobbys

Michael Keller | Nov 7, 2021
J Lerma | Nov 7, 2021

Yes, in the jewelry dept.

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Do you have paper quilling supplies?

Margie Tipton | Nov 7, 2020
Chris Gonzalez | Nov 7, 2020


Do yall have foam beads?

Zoe Garcia | Nov 8, 2018
Karen Lovin | Nov 8, 2018

They have gel foam of different sizes but i do not think they have foam beds.

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