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Address: 4665 W Bancroft St, Toledo, OH 43615, USA

Phone: +14195368294

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Sunday: Open 24 hours

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Marie Valvo

Nov 8, 2022

I book a cab for 8am at 5:30am because, I dunno, I have to be somewhere? No cab by 8:15am, they text they're looking for a cab in my area. What is wrong with these people? Cab arrives 8;30am.

Shelley Brooke King (Chelle)

Nov 6, 2022

On time and friendly


Nov 4, 2022

I'm a veteran with an autoimmune condition. I had an essential appointment today at 7:30 AM. I booked four days in advance for a 6:50 AM pickup, and the destination is less than a 10 minute ride from my home, giving a grace time of about half an hour to the cab driver. It turns out that your time slot isn't exclusive to you. I called to inquire about where the driver was, and apparently B&W Cab had overbooked (or should I say booked over) my four day prior booking. A cab only started heading toward my place five minutes before my appointment was to begin, which forced me to cancel the ride as well as reschedule my appointment two weeks out.

Steve B

Nov 2, 2022

William( not his real name,only because he asked me not to) was a fantastic operator; knew all the short cuts,in order to keep my Dr. appt.most drivers would have taken the scenic route believing I was a tourists...THANKS "Mr.MIKE.

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Questions & Answers

Why does it take so long to get another cab when the first driver messed up ? His name was Mohammed

Tina Thomason | Feb 10, 2022
Veronica Cooper | Feb 10, 2022

Not sure on that service so far has been ok

Do u take credit cards

Jesse McLennan | Nov 7, 2020
Aaron Kent | Nov 7, 2020


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Im highly dissatisfied with this service....i also should not have been locked in the back of this cab like i was some criminal till i paid!!!! sure that cant be not some criminal...i was gonna pay now....but i promise im filing a c

Nick McDowell | Nov 8, 2019
Michael Manning | Nov 8, 2019

Sorry but the doors automatically lock them selves.

Do you only provide service within the city of Toledo, or what mile radius around Toledo do you service as well? Also, is it possible to book a cab 24 hours in advance?

Chris Kirkum | Oct 8, 2022
Black & White Transportation | Oct 8, 2022

Hello Chris, We provide transportation outside of the city as well, but rates may differ. You may book a ride with us at any time at, our app, or by calling 419-536-8294. Our taxi division is an on demand service, so pickup times cannot be guaranteed. We also have a luxury/executive car service that is perfect for airport transportation, private or corporate excursions, business meetings for large or small groups, or other special events where transportation with class is desired. Thank you for reaching out!

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do you have service for people in wheelchair?

TR Bartson | Aug 9, 2022
Edward Morris | Aug 9, 2022

you will want to request the paratransit service

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My wife is 76 , and on Medicare, can she get a ride to the doctor and be covered by that?

Thomas Mayberry | Aug 9, 2022
Liz Giljum | Aug 9, 2022

As long as she has and sets up medical rides they usually do cover it under JFS ( JOB AND FAMILY SERVICES)

If I need a cap.for monday morning should I order it sunday night

Beth Bilby | Apr 11, 2022
Beez Beez | Apr 11, 2022

I would if I was you you can pre order it for tomorrow just give your name Time and your address sir?

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Who drives cab 20

Tina Mayer | Dec 12, 2021
Edward Morris | Dec 12, 2021

call tomorrow and ask front desk she should be able to look it up for you, sorry i couldnt be more help.

How much will be from Swanton to Maumee and back to Swanton

Audery Johnson | Nov 7, 2021
Jeshua “JUICE” | Nov 7, 2021

Its $2.23 a mile, multiply by total mileage and you'll have a round about figure..

How much would it be for a 6 mile drive

Denzel Moon | Nov 7, 2021
hermalinda martinez | Nov 7, 2021

2 dollar just to get in car and additional 2.30 a mile

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Do you ok wreck less driving of you drivers!?

Richard Gedelian | Nov 7, 2020
Edward Morris | Nov 7, 2020

could you please phrase your question better?

Do you guys take cash and how long does it take to get pick up and how much do you charge

Austin George | Nov 7, 2020
Edward Morris | Nov 7, 2020

actual expected wait time is between 15 minutes to an hour at times it could be a several hour wait if you call at the busiest time and it is a holiday i.e. friday night at 2 am after the bar i suggest calling ahead and scheduling your ride. they maybe 15 to 30 minutes late for the scheduled pickup at times..

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Why did my cab take me on the loop tonight n make a $20 cab ride $35 n proceed to lock me in the back of the cab until i payed her...from speedway on reynolds and dorr to 610 stickney

Nick McDowell | Nov 8, 2019
Michael Manning | Nov 8, 2019

Sorry the cab doors lock automatically lock them selves.

Is cab rides free today

isaiah Jones | Nov 8, 2019
Michael Manning | Nov 8, 2019

Sorry but under the city of toledo laws concerning taxicabs it is illegal to give free rides.

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