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Erika Ortiz

Nov 8, 2022

PierPoint Mortgage is one of the top mortgage lenders that I decided to reach out for my home mortgage. They had a quick process and I am very thankful for that.

Robert Hayes

Nov 5, 2022

If you're looking for a fuss-free mortgage experience, PierPoint is the lender for you. I applied for an FHA loan and they were more than happy to help me through the process. Thank you PierPoint for being the guide and mortgage lender I needed!

Pat Williamson

Nov 5, 2022

I am happy to recommend Pierpoint Mortgage because they are not only knowledgeable, and they were very careful in explaining the process to me. They also took the time to explain all my questions, and I never felt rushed when working with them.

Angelica Bryant

Oct 27, 2022

I am always looking for local mortgage brokers near me for buying loans. I searched for weeks, then I stumbled upon their agents. They seemed like a great fit, so I called them and discussed their schemes and policies for mortgage loans. They were just what I was looking for! They took time to clear my queries and were nice.

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Questions & Answers

Why is a 30-year mortgage preferable?

Vanessa Lynch | Oct 8, 2022
PierPoint Mortgage Stamford CT | Oct 8, 2022

However, one of its major benefits is that the payouts are spread out over a period that is half as long as a 15-year home loan, resulting in lower monthly payments with 30-year mortgages. Lower expenses make it much easier to afford to buy a house or to purchase a larger home while staying within your budget.

What characteristics do mortgage companies look for on financial records?

Lisa Rottman | Aug 9, 2022
PierPoint Mortgage Stamford CT | Sep 8, 2022

They examine your bank statements when you take out a mortgage to ensure that you can justify paying the deposit, closing costs, and house payments. If your financial records are free of any questionable items, you will be more likely to be approved.

Is it preferable to invest or pay down your mortgage?

Douglas Fletcher | Aug 9, 2022
PierPoint Mortgage Stamford CT | Aug 9, 2022

In order to avoid paying more interest later, it is usually wiser to pay as much of your mortgage off upfront as you can. Invest your money into private pensions or other investments if you're getting close to the end of your mortgage term.

I'm not sure how I'll be able to have my loan paid off.

Gabriel J. Vachon | Aug 9, 2022
PierPoint Mortgage Stamford CT | Aug 9, 2022

By paying off all your debts, you can foreclose your loan. There are costs associated with this.

What is a pre-approval, and how does it work?

Rosa Barnes | Jul 10, 2022
PierPoint Mortgage Stamford CT | Aug 9, 2022

A pre-approval, unlike a pre-qualification, can be a very beneficial tool in the home-buying process. It's essentially the same as applying for a mortgage, but without the requirement of a specific residence. A lender will analyze your credit, verify your income and employment, and agree to granting a set amount of money as part of a pre-approval. A pre-approval letter can demonstrate to sellers that you're serious about purchasing a home and that you'll be able to follow through on an offer and close on their property.

Is it better to get a fixed-rate or an adjustable-rate mortgage?

harley omari | Jun 10, 2022
PierPoint Mortgage Stamford CT | Aug 9, 2022

"""A fixed-rate mortgage makes financial sense when interest rates are historically low, as they are right now. The vast majority of today's mortgages are fixed-rate, which is not surprising. Adjustable-rate mortgages are used by just approximately 3% of buyers. While a fixed-rate mortgage is the best option for most homeowners, an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) may be a superior option in other cases. An ARM could save you thousands of dollars if you plan to sell your home before the fixed-interest period finishes and the rate begins to float. Alternatively, an ARM can help you secure a low beginning rate and save money during periods when interest rates are declining."""

Is there a programme for members who have a smaller down payment?

Frank Ruiz | Apr 11, 2022
PierPoint Mortgage Stamford CT | Aug 9, 2022

Yes! Mortgage center has programmes that require a lesser down payment. These loans are intended to assist borrowers in overcoming the two most significant barriers to homeownership: a lack of down payment funds and qualified income. Traditional conventional mortgages have higher down payment, cash reserve, and income criteria. These programmes have reduced down payment, cash reserve, and income requirements. Call one of our loan specialists to find out which programme is right for you.

If my loan is sanctioned or rejected, how will I be notified?

Velma Watts | Mar 12, 2022
PierPoint Mortgage Stamford CT | Aug 9, 2022

Within one month of receiving the application, the decision will be communicated to the applicant in writing. When the bank receives the complete set of documents and required information, the date of application will be assigned.

How many instalments can you provide me for the loan?

Michele Wallace | Feb 10, 2022
PierPoint Mortgage Stamford CT | Feb 10, 2022

When we receive your request for disbursement, we will either distribute the loan in full or in three instalments. In the case of a property that is still under construction, we will release your loan in instalments depending on our assessment of building progress rather than the developer's agreement. It is in your best interests to engage into a contract with the developer in which the payments are tied to the construction activity rather than being set on a timetable.

How will I be able to make my mortgage payment?

Louise Miles | Dec 12, 2021
PierPoint Mortgage Stamford CT | Aug 9, 2022

You can use the Electronic Clearing System (ECS) or Standing Instructions in your Standard Chartered account to make payments.

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