Bank of America Financial Center

Category: Bank in New York

Address: 3181 Steinway St, Queens, NY 11103, USA

Phone: +17189327122

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9AM–5PM

Tuesday: 9AM–5PM

Wednesday: 9AM–5PM

Thursday: 9AM–5PM

Friday: Closed

Saturday: 9AM–2PM


Alex Marquetti

Oct 8, 2022

Always lines. No staff at any given time. ATM wasn’t even accepting cash deposit.

Chris Vilsack

Sep 30, 2022

Great tellers!


Jun 11, 2022

No line but simple transaction took over 30 minutes. I had just had surgery and cannot stand for very long without it being painful. That being said, teller was rude and inefficient. Was told I didn't have proper Id after 2 forms were presented to cash a (very)small check written on a bank of America (their own account). I was made to feel like some sort of criminal for cashing my own check. You've got to be kidding me!


Feb 16, 2022

Impossible to reach a customer service representative at this location! I always get a message saying “Everyone is assisting other customers. Goodbye.” Click. I just want to know if the ATMs in the area are accepting cash deposits, as none of them were last evening and I desperately need to make a deposit. There are very few BoA locations in Astoria, and it’s a hike to get to the nearest one. So I need to know ahead of making the trip. BoA really needs to open at least one more ATM in Astoria, preferably in the Ditmars/31st Street area and/or the Astoria Boulevard/31st Street area. Astoria is a big neighborhood, very thin coverage. And answer the phone!

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Questions & Answers

Can a security camera that come with its own Internet work as a utility bill for proof of address

Amanda Persaud | Mar 12, 2022
Shadow Prince Flores | Mar 12, 2022

I guess so

hi need help

asad Khan | Nov 7, 2020
Jason Rivera | Nov 7, 2020

Who r u and why do u need help

How much money do I need to open up a account with bank of america

Bridgette Andrews | Nov 8, 2018
Samual Chowdhury | Nov 8, 2019

It depends on the type of account you want to open. Savings, checking, Money Market, Student checking, etc. Different amounts for each type. Call or go to the branch for most up-to-date info. 👌

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