Category: Fast food restaurant in New York

Address: 144 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038, USA

Phone: +12123810780

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 8AM–10PM

Tuesday: 8AM–10PM

Wednesday: 8AM–10PM

Thursday: 8AM–10PM

Friday: 8AM–10PM

Saturday: 8AM–10PM


Aaron Gonzalez

Nov 8, 2022

Delicious, accessible price, although a bit dirty.

erika hernandez

Nov 8, 2022

I like the spicy chicken meal

Sidi Mac

Nov 6, 2022

Everything was done perfectly


Nov 5, 2022

This place is usually packed but they work extremely fast and efficient. The place was packed and the line was long but my food was still served expeditiously.

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Questions & Answers


Anonymous | Nov 7, 2022
Anonymous | Nov 7, 2022


Is there a play area for the kids at this location? 🙊

Melissa Newton | Nov 8, 2019
Dimples S | Nov 8, 2019

No play area, but there are areas not far away that the kids could have a little play.

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Are you back to in-door dining yet?

Deacon Thomas Tortorella | Jun 10, 2022
Jizzy Thomas | Jun 10, 2022

Yes, I believe upstairs

Have you re-opened the dining room?

Deacon Thomas Tortorella | Nov 7, 2021
jonelle harris | Nov 7, 2021


Are you back to having in-door dining?

Deacon Thomas Tortorella | Nov 7, 2021
jonelle harris | Nov 7, 2021


When will you reopen your dining room?

Jonathan Menig | Nov 7, 2021
Cheryl Jay | Nov 7, 2021

I haven't heard anything about it

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Is indoor dining allowed?

Jonathan Menig | Nov 7, 2021
Sahrene Vertus (Sahrene) | Nov 7, 2021

No, its pickup only because of Covid

When will indoor dining return?

Jonathan Menig | Nov 7, 2021
Mwisha Ludack | Nov 7, 2021

Not sure, let's just hope it'll be pretty soon.

Does your place allow indoor seating?

Jonathan Menig | Nov 7, 2021
Vic Demone4.0 | Nov 7, 2021

Still no dine-in

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When will your place reopen indoor dining?

Jonathan Menig | Nov 7, 2021
William J. Wilson | Nov 7, 2021

Don't know. I am not the owner. I am a customer.

Is indoor dining available safely?

Jonathan Menig | Nov 7, 2021
Luigi Ocampo | Nov 7, 2021

They do not have indoor dining at the moment

Are we allowed to eat inside?

Jonathan Menig | Nov 7, 2021
It's Me | Nov 7, 2021

No. Check your food before you leave... I found hair on my sandwich & they gave me a hard time about it. I will never eat there again.

Is indoor dining safely allowed?

Jonathan Menig | Nov 7, 2021
DonJulio 23 | Nov 7, 2021


Is the meat here halal?

Jobayar Islam | Nov 7, 2020
Sam Chavi | Nov 7, 2020


Is breakfast served at this location?

Quanya Goody | Nov 7, 2020
Grant Williams | Nov 7, 2020

Only if you consider Eggs biscuits ice coffee breakfast. Ask for the extra nutty fresh and fuzz

Is there indoor dining?

Jonathan Menig | Nov 7, 2020
Darlene Jordan-Clark | Nov 7, 2020

No, not at the on on Fulton street, lower Manhattan

Are you open tomorrow

Jennife Santiago | Nov 7, 2020
Roderick Best | Nov 7, 2020

I am not sure I do believe they do. They close mainly on Sundays but they should be open tomorrow.

Is chick fil halal?

HAMZA ZULQIFAR | Nov 8, 2019
Dimples S | Nov 8, 2019

Don't think it is.

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Do you have cole slaw?

Marie Davis | Nov 8, 2019
Dimples S | Nov 8, 2019

They dont.

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Does this location have free WiFi?

Abigail Smith | Nov 8, 2019
John L | Nov 8, 2019

Yes it does. But works upstairs mostly.

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What time can you start ordering from the lunch menu?

Veronica | Nov 8, 2019
Dioni De La Cruz | Nov 8, 2019

If you're ordering through the app they let you do it at any time but it takes between 20 to 30 minutes for your food to be ready, if done before 10:30 because they are in breakfast. But regular lunch menu starts at 10:30

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Is there parking?

Kaya Bean | Nov 8, 2018
Neil Dutta | Nov 8, 2018

There is a paid car park garage at the Millennium Hilton up the block from there for $24 per hour. However you are more likely to win the lottery than find available space inside there.

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How late does this cfa serve breakfast?

Brendan Phillips | Nov 8, 2018
Dimples S | Nov 8, 2018

Until 10:30am

Does anyone know if this chick-fil-a takes gift cards?

Mia Stern | Nov 8, 2018
KevinMZ | Nov 8, 2018

Yes, this Chick-fil-A takes gift cards.

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