Dollar Tree

Category: Dollar store in Vancouver, Washington

Address: 11501 NE 76th St Ste B01, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA

Phone: +13606249067

Opening hours

Sunday: 9AM–9PM

Monday: 8AM–10PM

Tuesday: 8AM–10PM

Wednesday: 8AM–10PM

Thursday: 8AM–10PM

Friday: 8AM–10PM

Saturday: 8AM–10PM


Aislinn Taylor

Aug 2, 2022

This is my favorite dollar tree. Always super clean. Workers are fast (even the times it gets super busy). And there's always great stuff on the shelves. Plus the parking is great. And you have a few other nice things in that little outlet.

ronald amy

May 26, 2022

Since they went to a $1. 25 most of stuff you can buy at Walmart for a dollar and some stuff's under a dollar and the Big Lots that have some items at a dollar witch dollar store wants $1. 25 so it's buyers be where on prices , i like too get 25 percent increase on wages 🤣

Kelly Miller

Mar 13, 2022

It's the dollar tree. Pretty much the same one as the one that you've been to. Nothing special, just a dollar tree.

Linda Aldrich

Jun 19, 2018

Great employees, clean uncluttered store.

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Questions & Answers

Looked this up and wasted a trip. 😠 got there and it closed at 9 not ten like it says above. Not happy.

Tonya Elton | Aug 13, 2022
Samuel Henry | Aug 14, 2022

This is not a question. Please ask a question and someone will kindly get back to you.

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The question, as above, is why does the listing say it closed at a different time than it actually did!??

Sharon Kays | Aug 13, 2022
Casey Cherrington | Aug 14, 2022

My wife works at this location. To answer your question, Depends on when you are talking about. For one, they change their hours seasonally and it usually isn't the same day every year, the employees of that store (including the GM) are told what their hours are going to be just a week or so before it changes and the Google page isn't managed by the employees at that store. But also they recently closed early for the big change over to Dollar Plus to change all the signs and stuff. So it depends on when you went. But it is corporate who would change the hours listed on Google so you can not rely on what Google says, just like any other corporation. I recommend calling before you leave if it is after 6pm.

Will you guys add new stuff soon?

Thanya G | Aug 13, 2022
Amanda Cherrington | Aug 14, 2022

Every week there is a new shipment. Though dollar tree does not place the orders, as corporate decides what to send each location. Majority of the shipment is on the floor by Friday😉

Where can I find a Application for dollar tree in our orchard

Killa Savage | Aug 13, 2022
Tee Coffield | Aug 14, 2022

I would just call and ask the manager.

According to Google, water beads are sold here. What section are they in? I could only find the small containers of air freshener ones. I need unscented.

Ann Urban | Aug 13, 2022
Carol Worster | Aug 14, 2022

You may have to try several stores as I have found that not all have the same stock. I would look in the gardening area, as it's most commonly added to potting soil

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