Nike Factory Store

Category: Sportswear store in Birch Run, Michigan

Address: 12158 S Beyer Rd Suite 10, Birch Run, MI 48415, USA

Phone: +19896246100

Opening hours

Sunday: 12–6PM

Monday: 10AM–7PM

Tuesday: 10AM–7PM

Wednesday: 10AM–7PM

Thursday: 10AM–7PM

Friday: 10AM–8PM

Saturday: 10AM–8PM


Debbie Viltz

Oct 18, 2022

I was very disappointed in the way I was treated by the young girls doing the check out. I asked a question and they rolled they're eyes a couple of times, so I stepped closer and they frowned and blurted out an answer I knew was not correct. Hope they hire better cashiers who value ALL Customers

Janis Arsenault

Oct 11, 2022

It used to be better when I was in high school

K Rod

Oct 10, 2022

Big selection, not all sizes available and many shoes weren't comfortable. No where to sit and try on and crowded. Staff friendly but hard to tell staff apart from customers for help.

Nicole Otter

Oct 9, 2022

It's ok. Was disappointed they didn't have the type of shoes I wanted settled for a subpar pair.

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Questions & Answers

Do they have jordans?

Leigh Bridge | Oct 26, 2018
Samantha Tucker | Oct 26, 2018


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How often are shelves being restocked? And does this location sell Nike Dunk lows and Air Jordan 1’s? I live out in macomb county so precise restocking times would be nice thanks!

Adam Dimmer | Oct 25, 2021
J Gaines | Oct 25, 2021

Not worth the drive. I wasn't impressed. If you're in Macomb I'd suggest the Detroit store. I always find good stuff there. Just gotta go early

Do you sell Airforce One's?

Kerry Billings | Oct 25, 2020
Sarah Last | Oct 25, 2021

Yes. I've purchased men's, women's and children's before.

Can I buy shoes on line

Romona Beall | Oct 26, 2019
Brandy Gaines | Oct 26, 2019

Yes you can

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is there north face backpacks?

Abigail Kabelman | Oct 26, 2019
Malcolm Murchison | Oct 26, 2019


Do you have any red foams

Rayshele Simmons | Oct 26, 2018
Cynthia Villareal | Oct 26, 2018

Yes they do

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Do they have af1 sage green

Patricia Miller | Sep 25, 2022
Madison Richards | Sep 25, 2022

No we get mostly returns of air forces very rarely we're shipped air force ones especially different colors

do you have the michael jordan shirt?

Alejandro Beltran | Sep 25, 2022
Nafez Jadallah | Sep 25, 2022

Yes. They have Jordan apparel.

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Do you sell coats?

Arlene Grayer | Nov 29, 2021
Steve Rogers | Nov 29, 2021

Some lite weather coats

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Do you take visa gift cards

Al Lowry | Oct 25, 2021
Shante Nichols | Oct 25, 2021

Usually anywhere that takes visa does.

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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Oct 25, 2022
My name is My name. | Oct 25, 2021

None really besides wear a mask.

Do they sell a life I’m really in need of one?

Aubrey Wooley | Oct 25, 2021
Kemo McQueen | Oct 25, 2021

Nice clothes, does not have a good selection on shoes for kids.

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Does this location carry Jordan Pumps?

Hope Poirier | Oct 25, 2020
Mike Murphy | Oct 25, 2020

Yes but limited due to covid 19

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Is there a way we can see all the shoes that are on clearance at the nike store in birtch run outlet

Donald Raymor | Oct 25, 2020
Kathleen Wilks | Oct 25, 2020


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Do they have any af1 mid, or high, or low?

Trevor Klais | Oct 25, 2020
Rahat Noor | Oct 25, 2020

Yes they do have

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Do they have af1 mid whites??

Trevor Klais | Oct 25, 2020
J Woost | Oct 25, 2020

No. Sorry.

do you carry military woobie blankets

Linda Keys | Oct 26, 2019
Kaccye Kimble | Oct 26, 2019


They got fanny packs?

hot_machine_4_lifes S | Oct 26, 2019
ashley bentley | Oct 26, 2019

I think they do

Do they sell visorss

hot_machine_4_lifes S | Oct 26, 2019
Dorian Fields | Oct 26, 2019

Yes" they do

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Do you have nike slides

Angel Strong | Oct 26, 2019
Chad Povish | Oct 26, 2019


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Do they have tanjun sandals

Eniyah Byrd | Oct 26, 2019
Samantha Aymer | Oct 26, 2019


Do you accept Apple Pay

Lynn Foles | Oct 26, 2019
Jeffrey M | Oct 26, 2019

Instead of

Do they have arch support shoes? Not the things to put inside of shoes..just shoes with arch support..

Doreen Campbell | Oct 26, 2019
Jerry Parr | Oct 26, 2019

Avoid nike all together......junk

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Do they uave russle westbrooke why not zero.1's?

Casey Williams | Oct 26, 2019
Andre Rodriguez | Oct 26, 2019

Calling the store would get you a faster answer

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What shoe store have the red foams

Rayshele Simmons | Oct 26, 2018
John Legend | Oct 26, 2018

Maybe the one in Auburn Hills mall

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Do they sell Kyrie 4

Devon Pratt | Oct 26, 2018
Casey Williams | Oct 26, 2019


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Anyone know if they have nike cortez

Lis Perez | Oct 26, 2018
Rafael Rafa | Oct 26, 2018

I didn't see too many models in this store, and prices were higher than in michigan stores, I bought a pair of shoes just because my son needed them.

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Do you have the Nike Lunar Vaporstorm golf shoe in 10.5?

Michael Parkhurst | Oct 26, 2018
Jeffrey Lewis | Oct 26, 2018

I'd call them around 10am and ask. You won't find out on Google Maps

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Will they be a “select Nike store” for the air max 270 dusty cactus drop?

Josh Freese | Oct 26, 2018
Michael Carroll | Oct 26, 2018

I don't think so, seems like they sell shoes that are on their way to being discontinued

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Are you going to be open on the 1st

Susan Dowd | Oct 26, 2018
Michael Carroll | Oct 26, 2018

Some stores, limited hours

What Jordan retro do you have in

jim willingham | Oct 26, 2018
USMS StreetKing | Oct 26, 2018

Fluctuates, Currently the Jordan 5s and Bordeaux 12s

Does anyone know if they are having a black Friday sale? If so how much percent off?

Andrew Lewis | Oct 26, 2018
Michael Carroll | Oct 26, 2018

Yes it varies by store

Do they offer military discount. If so , how much!!??

Mark Mosley | Oct 26, 2018
USMS StreetKing | Oct 26, 2018

Yes they do, 10 percent, also available online through SheerID for verification

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How much do the jordan 13's cost

Jodi Doyle | Oct 26, 2017
Savannah Franks | Oct 25, 2021

Do you sell air Jordan ones

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