Burger King

Category: Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland

Address: 3840 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21227, USA

Phone: +14102427256

Opening hours

Sunday: 7AM–11PM

Monday: 6AM–11PM

Tuesday: 6AM–11PM

Wednesday: 6AM–11PM

Thursday: 6AM–11PM

Friday: 6AM–12AM

Saturday: 6AM–12AM


Kelsey Roberts

Jul 26, 2022

I wouldn’t even give them one star! Went to this location on my lunch break and the employee ( Jada ) is entirely to focused on her friends who cut the entire line off to speak to her. Then to watch 2 gentleman in front of me give their order after waiting forever to even do so she then turns around and says “ we don’t take cards” first of all since when does burger king not take cards? Second why is there NO SIGNS POSTED, being as though I worked at a Burger King years ago if a machine is down it is standard to post it before customers even waste their time! But the way she said it her tone and all was full of pure ignorance to the point I left when they left. Because if she would have carried that same tone with me I would have carried the same tone right back! BURGER KING DO BETTER ON WHO YOU ARE HIRING! My group walked out along with the 2 gentlemen, so way to lose money BK!

Short Comedy Skits Peaches And Jacky

Jul 25, 2022

This Burger King fast food here was 5 star. Good and hot Drive through meals, courteous help. We been here from out of state 3 times. Will be back again

Charles Dorsey

Mar 22, 2022

usually pretty good but today I ordered 2 double bacon cheese burgers and received singles I was on my lunch break and only discovered this on returning to my workplace and no time to go back to complain and get correct order check your orders I didn't but like I said I usually get good service didn't think I had too very disappointing

Tiffany smith

Jan 16, 2019

Do not go to this burger king. Customer service was ok but my food was just unappealing. It just really showed no cared about anything when it came to ther food. I ordered the 2 for $6, whopper and chicken strips (3) . Strips were burned, one was missing, and ther other was only half. The bottom bread on the burger was pieced together the top had a chuck missing from it. And it just looked thrown together. Completely unsatisfied...

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Questions & Answers

Why is it that they always get my order wrong? No one knows

Ryan Winterton | Dec 15, 2018
Davis Paul | Dec 16, 2018

They don't care at that place it's ridiculous

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Terrible place order all wrong stole my money

Empress Of Zion | Dec 7, 2020
Joann Kiaunia | Dec 8, 2020

Wow,its messed up!!!

During the day the food is good but at night and weekends the people they have working don't care how you get your food. It's like you owe them something.

Patricia Cash | Sep 12, 2021
Chuck Wilson | Sep 13, 2021

I have found them to be hit and miss at any time

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