Quality Inn South

Category: Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Address: 1410 Harrison Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80905, USA

Phone: +17195796900


Janean N

Jul 19, 2022

BEWARE!!! DO NOT STAY HERE!!! To begin with, the room reeked of bleach so much my eyes watered! The front door handle was broken. Not the card reader, but the door handle. I had to insert the card over 10 times before I got the door to open, the door handle was so flimsy. The carpet was very dirty. There is A LOT of highway noise since you are right next to the interstate. At 2:30am, a semi-truck began unloading at the Carl’s Jr., which sits in front of the hotel. It ran its engine the whole 1.5 hours it was there. I was on the ground floor and it was so loud it woke me up. At 4:00am I decided to take a shower since I was wide awake, NO HOT WATER!!! I called the front desk. He said he could not change my room but could send a maintenance man later in the morning, I said that wouldn’t help since I needed to leave at 6:00am. When I called the Mgr. of the property upon returning home, she was extremely condescending and proceeded to blame ME for the problems I encountered. She took no responsibility. Even the hot water…saying she had no control over their boiler. Let alone my feeling of security with the broken door handle. This is no way to run a hotel or to treat your customers. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROPERTY!!!!!


Jun 24, 2022

BED BUGS!!! Don’t be fooled by the positive reviews, if our room had bed bugs, I’d be willing to bet the rest do as well. This hotel is unclean and not worth your money. The employees were nice but there is nothing else positive I can say.

Patrick Kuretich

Feb 19, 2022

Chose to stay here after a day and night running race. Checked in at 930p and when I went to shower, no hot water. Of all the things I wanted, that was it. Front desk was no help. I didn’t expect a 5-star experience, but I do expect warm water. I would recommend any other spot in this area. The cost savings here just isn’t worth it.


Jan 14, 2022

Clean, quiet and comfortable. Our handicapped accessible room was almost perfect (outstanding shower design)! My spouse & I both use walkers, so navigation was tricky, otherwise no complaint about the room. I would like to see all employees using masks since they are dealing with the public & the public can be self centered & not care if they are exposing immunocompromised people to their germs. Some of the staff wore masks & I appreciated that.

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Questions & Answers

How many exits for guests? Available stairs?

Chantelle Stockton | Jun 22, 2021
Ronny Alderson | Jun 23, 2021

1 elevator, 1 stairs at East end, not sure about West end. Entrance in front to desk, and back to the desk

Is there movie theaters near by ?

Nancy Yasmin | Jun 23, 2019
Justin Jonez | Jun 24, 2019

Walking distance

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What is the latest check out time

Delbert Gfeller | Jun 23, 2018
R Starling | Jun 24, 2018

12pm normally. If you ask the front desk then 1pm if they're not busy.

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