Apache Nugget Travel Center

Category: Gas station

Address: Jicarilla,, Cuba, NM 87013, USA

Phone: +15752892486

Opening hours

Sunday: 6:30AM–8PM

Monday: 6:30AM–8PM

Tuesday: 6:30AM–8PM

Wednesday: 6:30AM–8PM

Thursday: 6:30AM–8PM

Friday: 6:30AM–8PM

Saturday: 6:30AM–8PM

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Questions & Answers

Is the casino open yet?

Kelly Benedict | Jun 22, 2021
Tyrone Sam | Jun 23, 2021

No the casino close until further notice

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Can I get the name of the management executive and e mail address to discuss placing a Electric vehicle charging Stations at both of the locations/ 550 and Dulce

Michael Murphy | Dec 24, 2021
Michelle Chance | Dec 25, 2021

You'll have to Google that info as I just use it as a stop for traveling.

When will it open

Alison Lopez | Jun 22, 2021
Pierce Bruneau | Jun 23, 2021

The travel center opens about 5:30, the casino is TBD until the tribe decides

Can you park an RV overnight?

Paul LaRocque | Jun 22, 2020
Anthony Gilbertson | Jun 23, 2020

I believe you can park overnight. They also have showers.

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Event Center open to all ages?

Louise Brown Lewis | Jun 22, 2020
Zzzz | Jun 23, 2020

Best call them

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What time does the casino open?

Lisa Lucero | Jun 22, 2020
Joe White | Jun 23, 2020

11AM for the casino 5 AM for the store

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Do they allow overnight parking here?

Zzzz | Jun 22, 2020
Geovanni Haro | Jun 23, 2020

Yes. Plenty of truck and RV parking.

What promotions do you have for new membership?

Daniel Pacheco | Jun 22, 2020
Alice Martin | Jun 23, 2020

Unsure of a correct answer.

We plan to stop here on our way to Albuquerque, would there be a J-1772 EV connector or a standard 50A RV outlet I could use to charge my Tesla?

Robert Schoonover | Jun 23, 2019
Rita Watson | Jun 24, 2019

Standard 50Amp is all I saw

Do you allow pets?

Beth Robinson | Jun 23, 2019
Eric Lucero | Jun 24, 2019


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Does this place have TV screens to watch Nascar?

Albert Brown | Jun 23, 2018
beth flowers | Jun 24, 2018

In casino

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Is there a band tonight

Eloy Chavez | Jun 23, 2018
Peter Knipper | Jun 24, 2018

No it is verry small. It is a larger truck stop and that is about it.

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Do you freeplays for birthday's?

Celia Mescal | Jun 23, 2018
Louie Serna | Jun 24, 2018

Never asked.. Maybe if you can give a call to see

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