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Steven Beck

Sep 3, 2022

They know how to help you get out of your situation and will make you better protected against landlords. He does a lot for his clients. Thanks ATA!

Trisha Wertz

Aug 19, 2022

Extremely rude!!!!! Would not even let me ask a question. Don't waste your time, just another greedy "lawyer".

Matthew M

Aug 10, 2022

Ken is extremely knowledgeable about Arizona tenant law and I would recommend his service to anyone.

Paul R

Jul 21, 2022

Kens a THIEF not only will he take your money but after signing you up he will not follow through with the advocate program. Don’t waste your time and money find an actual lawyer that will help with your issue.

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Questions & Answers

Swat team came to apt. Next to mine. Drug dealers and many ‘visitors’ come and go all day and night long. I need to break lease to move to a place I feel safe. What are my rights?

Lisa Lachbotten | Oct 20, 2018
MacKenzie L | Oct 20, 2018

I'd check out other advocate groups as well, not just this one.

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My land lord is demanding I give them guardianship papers for minor children do I need to provide that or just names and birthdays

Nipsey Hustle | Oct 20, 2019
Sharyl “Shari O.” Guthrie | Oct 20, 2019

Ohhh...not sure completely, but it's probably for the safety of both you and landlord if the children are not yours by birth, but maybe another family member's children? You should help them, help you to protect your rights as a legal guardian. If they are yours, only a photo copy of a birth certificate would be all that's necessary.

Can my family be evicted without a proper notice we were threatenedthat the police would come out

Ada Ostgaard | Oct 20, 2019
Rory Simmons | Oct 20, 2019

Clair is the BEST! She took good care of me. Thanks Clair!!

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I signed a 6 month lease on a house in scottsdale which began on september 24th 2018. On october 5th 2018 ( 10 days later) Iwas asked to leave by the 24th of october because of landlords medical reasons. I haven’t even unpacked. do I have any righ

heidi heathers | Oct 20, 2018
Rory Simmons | Oct 20, 2018

Call the Tennant Advocates number at their Tempe office. Ask for their thoughts on this. They may not check Google. I used them to break a lease. They did a great job and got me every penny of security and 2nd month rent

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It now we have no where to go and we only had less than a month to move and she wants my August rent ..

Margaret Trujillo | Oct 19, 2021
M Hansen | Oct 19, 2021

Contact tenant advocates. They can help

Our management company is raising our rent $400!! Is that legal? We were given the choice to pay and extra $400 a month or move out

Shauntell Johnson | Oct 19, 2021
M Hansen | Oct 19, 2021

If you are still under lease and want to move without paying the extra $400. Call Tent Advocates right a way. They'll, start the process of terminating your lease so you can find a more reasonably priced place to live.

Can a pool services company cut a lock off gate and go in back yard?

Cecil Wilson | Oct 19, 2021
Shawn Kelley | Oct 19, 2021

Not unless it's your lock and you tell them to

So my apartment just got new management, and they are trying to change our lease agreements with the old company to start charging us for utilities. Can they do that legally?

Jordan Williamson | Oct 19, 2020
Jose Colon | Oct 19, 2020

I would suggest that you call Arizona tenants and ask them that question because they will give you a direct answer like they did with me with my situation so give him a call it's 5:47 p.m. right now so I suggest call him right now because they close at 6 p.m.

Maintenance also made a hole in the ceiling when they check my ac but instead of fixing it they flushed it and left a hole without fixing that told the landlord and still haven’t been fixed

Gabrielle Buzinski | Oct 20, 2019
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2019

Under A.R.S. § 33-1363 you can perform a self-help repair of minor defects. Arizona Tenants Advocates has an article on this remedy in the Tenants Library section of our website. If you have any other questions, we'd be happy to assist you at (480) 557-8905

What is the law for how many persons can occupy a one bedroom apartment?

Monica | Oct 20, 2019
Rylee Poole | Oct 20, 2019

It can be two per room plus 1 for living room. So a one bedroom is 3

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How often does carpet need replacement

Kathleen Taris | Oct 20, 2019
goodiegrl3 | Oct 20, 2019

There's not really a specified time frame for carpet replacement. You can check with the IRS to get an estimated depreciation time frame for carpet. However, unless you can prove that the carpet is a health or safety violation you can not demand it to be replaced. Are you being billed for it or wanting it removed?

Can my landlord make me sign a lease that puts my bank acct info online in order to pay rent..

Donna Taylor | Oct 20, 2019
1angry granny | Oct 20, 2019

Is it stipulated in the lease? There are many rules that landlords put into leases that are illegal, such as giving up your right to a jury trial if you have to sue them in civil court. However, Arizona is a landlord friendly state meaning judges will give the landlord the benefit of the doubt and find in favor of the landlord. Before you sign any lease, thoroughly read it and if you have questions about the wording or the stipulations, look it up or ask an attorney. Do not ask the landlord what it means. Remember, you don't have to move into any rental that has rules you are uncomfortable with.

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on a 1 yr. lease can a landlord give you a notice before the lease is up?

Frank A Geiger II | Oct 20, 2019
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2019

There is no law in the Arizona Tenant Act that obligates the landlord to give notice, therefore it is left up to the descretion of the landlord. It must be cited in the lease on what or if notice is required by tenant and or landlord when choosing not to renew.

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How much time in advance must a landlord tell you if they don't want to renew your lease? I have fully paid my rent & have not violated any laws/rules and I got a ten day notice. I think it was revenge for calling the corporate office.

Donna Baron | Oct 20, 2019
Jeff Bushman | Oct 20, 2019

I'm not affiliated with the company. I'm a vendor to them. I suggest you call them on Saturday.

we just signed a year lease on an apartment .the manager told us before that no smoking is allowed inside units .month later we smell smoke coming husband has copd can't breathe, need to move asap.they want me to pay 1,400 to break it.?

P D woolwine | Oct 20, 2019
Crys Solano | Oct 20, 2019

Give Ken & Claire a call! Seriously, tell them Crys sent you! They are so thorough & extremely effective! ATA was the best!

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The house I lease has two properties on it. There is a unit 1 and a unit 2. We only have one meter for both houses. Does the property management have to provide me with my share of the utilities? They want to charge me overages? Can they do this?

Tricia Kriegel | Oct 20, 2018
Alicia Witt-Parker | Oct 20, 2019

Part A . 33-1413.01. in the landlord tenant act states that there needs to be separate meters for each unit with explaination of charge and opening and closing meter reading

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I was just served with a court eviction trial in seven days.the landlord was going to work with me ant I was can I fight this

John Mason | Oct 20, 2018
Rory Simmons | Oct 20, 2018

Call Tennant advocates immediately. They may not check this. Ask them what to do. They helped me tremendously. Call them directly. Like right now. Dont wait.

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reported termite problems 3 times in 3 years. In the same area of dining room. New management for about a year. Monday reported termite problem. Came home hole plugged up. Today another hole and sack hanging down. Am I allowed to break lease

Lisa Borunda | Oct 20, 2018
MacKenzie L | Oct 20, 2018

Theyre not going to give a straight answer on here you'll have to call. But i believe if you have given written notice (best to do certified mail and if its refused keep it unopened) three times, and allow 10 days for a response after each time. If they dont fix it at that point, you can either break lease, or hire someone to do the work and bill the landlord for it.


Christina M | Oct 20, 2018
MacKenzie L | Oct 20, 2018

Technically for illegally breaking the lease i think they can.

Can a management ask for back taxes on a contract after 11 months and after never informing taxes where due? My rent was never late they never advised me it was due till now once I brought up about renewing my lease.

Dragonfly44 | Oct 20, 2018
Clair Meyer | Oct 20, 2018

Unfortunately I believe so. Any payment for rent would automatically be applied to any rent owed. Rent includes taxes. So if you were making a payment each month but not in full, the management company wouldn't be obligated to inform you that amount you were paying was insufficient. When renewing your lease if this was brought to tour attention I do not believe there would be any option out. Sorry.

Daughter was told she has 10 days to get rid of caged animals - guinea pigs and rabbit and fish tank. This was not in the lease. Is this right? Can they do that?

Laura Kirkander | Oct 20, 2018
Clair Meyer | Oct 20, 2018

Only if the lease indicates a no pet policy would the landlord be able to serve a 10 notice for the violation. However, keep in mind that if the landlord persists after the 10 day cure period has lapsed, by deeming it an irreparable breach. The landlord may file in court for the eviction in which your daughter would have the represent why there was no breach.

My daughter rented an apt in AZ on the 7th of June. The landlord told them AFTER they signed the lease that the air was not working and would be fixed when they got back here from CA . Today is the 20th..still not working. Can they break the lease?

Karen Bederka | Oct 20, 2018
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2018

Karen, We would be happy to address all of the rights your daughter has in regards to AC in the Arizona Tenant Act. please give us a call at 480-557-8905.

Year lease thru Feb.1, 2019. Myself and significant (not married, mother of my 2 children) signed lease. Aren't getting along. If I pay half of the rent, is she responsible for the other half? If she doesn't pay am I responsible. Can they evict her

A Google User | Oct 20, 2018
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2018

You and your significant other are mutually and severally responsible for the rent. Meaning, if she doesn't cover her half, you would still be required to cover it if you did not want to suffer the repercussions as well. You would be entitled to take her to court for reimbursement of any rent that you had to cover on her behalf. I don't believe the landlord would evict only one individual from the property. If you are looking at ways of terminating your lease so you would be responsible please contact us at 480-557-8905.

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Are landlords allowed to take pictures of the interior of a tenants apartment (including tenants personal property ) to prove to owner "walls are still standing?

chris | Oct 20, 2018
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2018

Yes, however, they are not allowed to take pictures inside of your property. EXAMPLE. The landlord takes a picture of the wall and your dresser is in front of said wall. Ok. The landlord opens your dresser drawers and takes picture of its contents. NOT OK. There is some room for grey area. ie; inside the kitchen cabinets or closets, since the property belongs to the landlord is okay.

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Can a landlord install video camera on rental property at any time?

Mary Gonzalez | Oct 20, 2018
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2018

Yes, as long as the landlord is giving you a 2 day notice prior to coming to the property.

My present landlord demands 60 day notice before I leave. The new landlord only can give me 30 days notice before I can move in. Is there anything I can do.

Nelma Scoggins | Oct 20, 2018
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2018

It all depends on the verbiage of the lease. If the lease states that either party must give a 60 day notice if not renewing, you would not be responsible for vacating until the days days have passed. Please review the lease thoroughly, there is no standard for giving notice.

What outdoor temperature warrants it cool enough to turn off chillers?

Laura Caragher | Oct 20, 2018
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2018

There is no outdoor temperature. In Phoenix the temp for Air conditioning to be required must be taken 3 feet from the floor in the center of the room. This temperature must exceed 82 degrees for AC and 86 degrees for evaporative cooling.

8f my landlord been overcharging me money by raising my rent without a new lease n withp\t reciepts

Edwatedbrianna Swaiks | Oct 20, 2017
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2017

Unfortunately, landlords in Arizona aren't required to provide receipts for rental payments. We tried to get the law about this changed years ago, but the state legislators were disinterested. As to rent increases, only a month-to-month tenancy only a 30-day notice of rent increase is mandated.

If my landlord raised my rent without a lease does he owe me mpney bavk ig thetr are no receipts

Edwatedbrianna Swaiks | Oct 20, 2017
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2017

Already answered this

After an eviction is set and 5 day appeal deadline passes, is it advisable to sue landlord for retaliatory conduct.... especially against a person in a protected class? TY Frank AMaresso U

Frank MaressoPACO | Oct 20, 2017
Arizona Tenants Advocates | Oct 20, 2017

If you are involved in a court proceeding you should consult an attorney. We have one listed on the Arizona Tenants Advocates website, in the Links and Resources section.

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