Brother's Keeper

Category: Thrift store in Ocala, Florida

Address: 320 NW 10th St, Ocala, FL 34470, USA

Phone: +13526223846

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9AM–3PM

Tuesday: 9AM–3PM

Wednesday: 9AM–3PM

Thursday: 9AM–3PM

Friday: 9AM–3PM

Saturday: 9AM–3PM


Julie James

Aug 30, 2022

Used to have a great experience everytime however when I needed something they were not very nice. I showed up 10 minutes to closing and needed the storage containers they have there that have no lids and they refused me service saying they are closed and it wasn't even 3 o'clock yet then they slammed and Locked the doors in my face no apology or nothing I used to spend a lot of money at this place but not anymore!! Floored that they act like they help people when all they want to do is collect money and that is all

Bussaba Lotus

May 30, 2022

Great price and cool stuffs. Nice friendly staffs.❤

T Shaffer

May 17, 2022

They charge to much for poor quality clothing and items and their shoes are way overpriced. They aren't very friendly 😒. All in all I don't like the new Brothers keeper. I noticed that it took 2 years for a response from them.

chris brown

May 17, 2022

My wife got a donation mattress cuz we needed a mattress. Well now ever since we brought the mattress in our home weve had bed bugs i called and all they could say was ohh no. Maybe they shpuld pay to treat our home for bed bugs cover and heat it up.. they need to check theyre producks before they gove or sell em out

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Questions & Answers

Does this store sell mens shirts? Tee shirts?

Carl Fowler | Jul 3, 2022
Bussaba Lotus | Jul 3, 2022


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My friend signed up for the toys for tots but she just lost her ID, is there something else she can bring to pick up the toys??

Danielle Riedle | Oct 1, 2021
Nicholas Wanamaker | Oct 1, 2021

I didn't have to show ID, when I walked in she asked my name and I just told her. They are very understanding and sweet. Can't guarantee it will work, but it did for me

Can I get help with food

Joann Duncan | Oct 2, 2018
Trina Bost | Oct 2, 2018

Yes they helped out me and my family with electric and food you just have to fill out some paperwork to see if you qualify

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are they able to help with getting into a rental property, for homeless?

Kayla Mcdonald | Oct 2, 2018
Daliah Anderson | Oct 2, 2018

Sorry, they don't do rentals. Food assistance with utility payments, affordable furniture and clothing.

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I have a 3 shelf black corner unit tv stand with 3 smoke black glass shelves. It's to big for my car and heavy. If I donate would you be willing to pick it up?

Leslie | Oct 2, 2018
Howard Rompre | Oct 2, 2018

Call the office Monday through Friday they may be able to help

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I have some household items that may be a help to others in you pick up...thank you

peggy hand | Oct 2, 2018
Bobski Swabeski | Oct 2, 2018


Do they provide emergency services on Saturdays

Ethel Mcconnell | Sep 10, 2022
Brother's Keeper | Sep 17, 2022

Our Emergency Services office is open Monday and Friday from 9am-11:30am and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9am -2:30pm.

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Are they open for emergency things on saturday

Ethel Mcconnell | Sep 10, 2022
Ken Nadeau | Sep 24, 2022

This is a retail thrift store, so call them first

My social worker directed me to you for Gas Debit do I apply?

Lori Currie | Jul 3, 2022
Brother's Keeper | Jul 3, 2022

Our ministry only provides gas cards for clients who have documented medical appointments in Tampa, Orlando, or Gainesville. Please call our receptionist at (352) 622-3846 to learn more about eligibility requirements. Unfortunately, we do not provide gas cards for any other purposes at this time.

where are you located?

Joanne and Gary Schulte | Oct 1, 2021
Ken Nadeau | Oct 1, 2021

320 NW 10th St., Ocala. It is on Thrift Shop Row, next to Salvation army store and Humane Society store

Can I get food help today

Patty Pease | Oct 1, 2020
James Johnson | Oct 1, 2020

Yes he'll give you one bag of groceries and stuff for cleaning and hygiene products

Is this the new address

Bobski Swabeski | Oct 1, 2020
deborah kerlin | Oct 1, 2020

Yes it is it's not far past the light on 441 on the right

How many times a year do they help you out

Wanda Howard | Oct 2, 2019
Wanda Howard | Oct 2, 2019

If they helped me out three months ago they eill help me out again

Where is new local?

Jean Miller | Oct 2, 2019
olivetta rotello | Oct 2, 2019

Just before the RR crossing on the right.

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Where did they move too

Latasha Kelsey | Oct 2, 2019
Constance Quigley | Oct 2, 2019

They moved 301 14th Street it's the old Napa building about a quarter of a mile off of pine and 14th. It's near the humane society and salvation Army thrift stores. They are still remodeling in are not open at this time hopefully by the end of August they will be up and running

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Do they help out of state people who have run into a hard spot?

Kayla Schwartz | Oct 2, 2019
Constance Quigley | Oct 2, 2019

We help anyone but you have to meet certain criteria it depends on what help you are looking for

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Is it a homeless shelter??

Jaynie Jasso | Oct 2, 2019
Constance Quigley | Oct 2, 2019

No we give aid to homeless people or people in need. Food, clothes .there's a thrift store and if you have vouchers you can shop at the thrift store or can acquire vouchers.

Do they pick up furniture

selina wilson | Oct 2, 2019
Waneta Smith | Oct 2, 2019

Yes, but only large ones.

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Do take clothing and blankets

deborah stanley | Oct 2, 2019
deborah kerlin | Oct 2, 2019

They sure do

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Do they pick up furniture donations

Joan Belusko | Oct 2, 2019
Josephine Caso | Oct 2, 2019

I don't really know

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Do they help with rent? Or can they point ne in the direction of anybody that will?

Michelle Martin | Oct 2, 2019
Perry Fam | Oct 2, 2019

They will probably point you in the right direction for rental assistance.

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Are you serving Thanksgiving dinner and do you need workers for that day?

Dottie Commeau | Oct 2, 2019
Joan M | Oct 2, 2019

Yes they are.

I was told brothers keepers would help with the move in deposit? Is that true? If not who does?

Corey Huffman | Oct 2, 2018
Takeisha Hayes | Oct 2, 2018

I think they do but call just to make sure so you don't make a blank trip...of they don't they'll tell you who does.

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Do they help pay light bills

bossy flossy | Oct 2, 2018
Mary Velez | Oct 2, 2019

Yes and depends

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Can I receive food assistance today?

Jennie Williams | Oct 2, 2018
Daliah Anderson | Oct 2, 2018


I am disabled and have no way to get there. Does Brothers Keeper deliver?

Tina Coviello | Oct 2, 2018
Laurel Wilson | Oct 2, 2018

No delivery.

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Can you tell me what day you have the bag sale....all you can get in a bag? Thank You!

Joyce Bull | Oct 2, 2018
Freda R. | Oct 2, 2018

You would have to call brothers keepers. Never heard of that.

Any furniture? And you di have a food pantry?

Ash Matthews | Oct 2, 2018
Davie Marino | Oct 2, 2018

Yes furniture,food pantry don't know

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Does Brother's keepers have a food pantry on Saturday I tried to call but the number is not working because it says that it's not a regular business hour call

Cheyanna Hamilton | Oct 2, 2018
Teresa Artman | Oct 2, 2018

No they do not have the food pantry open on Saturday it's Monday through Friday 9 212 and then closed until 1 for lunch then they're open up again until 3

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What is required, for help??

Robert Nerone | Oct 2, 2018
Joan M | Oct 2, 2018

Floor personnel will help you load.

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Are they open today

Letitia Harrell | Oct 2, 2018
Letitia Harrell | Oct 2, 2018

They were closed today

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If they are open on black Friday what will the hours be

Letitia Harrell | Oct 2, 2018
Davie Marino | Oct 2, 2018

930 to 4

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