Too Your Health Spa Inc

Category: Gym in Ocala, Florida

Address: 2841 SW 20th St, Ocala, FL 34474, USA

Phone: +13522376149

Opening hours

Sunday: 9AM–5PM

Monday: Open 24 hours

Tuesday: Open 24 hours

Wednesday: Open 24 hours

Thursday: Open 24 hours

Friday: 12AM–11PM

Saturday: 9AM–5PM


James Baker

Sep 11, 2022

Great place, plenty of space, one low yearly payment.

Henry Edmondson

Aug 15, 2022

Solid equipment and machines. Everything works. You can pay yearly CASH which is awesome it was like 130$ entire year. A no-brainer decision. Swimming pool, jacuzzi, Sauna, steam room showers. Pools got a lot of Floaty things in it but hey strengthens the immune system I say.

Wendy Adams

Aug 1, 2022

I've had a membership here for almost 10 years but I'm going to Planet Fitness next year because of the owner's insistance that Fox News play in the cardio room. It was a good gym for the price but I'm here to workout and don't appreciate the right-wing propaganda. Folks can watch news on their phones if they must but why put sports or some other kind of more neutral programming on instead. It just didn't makes any sense.

Jami Kobold

Jul 31, 2022

Love this place! My husband and I got a membership mostly for the pool and hot tub after I had spinal surgery and couldn't do much. Now that I'm healed and put on too much weight I'll be utilizing the gym equipment as well. The people that work here are mostly nice. There's a lot to do which is exiting and they offer classes as well. This is the best bang for your buck hands down!

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Questions & Answers

Do they have shower and lockers

Robert Lapolt | Oct 2, 2018
carson faris | Oct 2, 2018

Yes. Shower and lockers. Bring your own lock

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Is it open to today

Aronde Chambers | Oct 2, 2019
TIM READY | Oct 2, 2019

I'm not sure, but at the very least they are open seven days a week with special hours on Sunday closing at 5 p.m.

Do you have tanning beds?

Heather Coates | Oct 2, 2019
Hector Sanchez | Oct 2, 2019

A stand up at the 24 hour spa. Not sure about the other ones

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How late are the pool and sauna open and what's the extra cost for 24/7 access

heather powell | Oct 2, 2019
Angela Evans | Oct 2, 2019

The pool and sauna are open every moment the gym is open. And depending on your schedule 24/7 access is worth it for the price. Not too much extra. $20-$25 I believe. They are open at 5AM every day during the week and according to Facebook they changed Saturday to open at 5AM as well, cutting an hour from Sunday now open at 10AM, if you don't have 24 hour access.

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How much do I have to pay for three months?

Jose Barajas | Oct 2, 2019
Josh Williams | Oct 1, 2021

It’s $10 a month so $30

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How much is a single membership right now?

Dawn Noble | Oct 2, 2019
Jennifer Moreno | Oct 2, 2019

They have a deal in the coupon book that 2 can join for $99ea. But other than that $119

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What is the weekly hours.?

George Campbell | Oct 2, 2017
carson faris | Oct 2, 2017

For additional fee access is 24 hours

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Are kids aloud

Sean Harris | Feb 3, 2022
Too Your Health Spa Inc | Feb 3, 2022

We currently do not have a babysitter at the Gym behind the college(the others do, though), however, if they are old enough to sit & watch tv or play their videogames in the room by themselves, they are welcome to do so (we do have camera's in the room). If they are 12 yrs of age or older, you can buy them a membership and they can work out with you. If you give us written permission saying they can work out without you, they can do that too.

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Does anyone know how much a membership is now?? In May 2021?

Angela Mason | Oct 1, 2021
DM | Oct 1, 2021

I believe membership is $119+tax. However, they currently have a promotion where 2 can sign up for $99 each. They also offer Veteran/Military discount if that applies. Gotta say, you won't find a better deal.

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Can i use the jacuzzi and pool on Sundays?

Diomedes Larios | Oct 1, 2020
Erroka Johnson | Oct 1, 2020

Yes during business hours 12-5

Where can I find the information on the prices, and package deals?

Frances Gilbert | Oct 1, 2020
Janis K. | Oct 1, 2020

They are reasonable. I go there. They also take Silver Sneakers

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does too your health spa participate with the silver sneakers for seniors

Jene Anderson | Oct 1, 2020
Brian Alexander | Oct 1, 2020


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How much do you pay??

michelle Santana | Oct 1, 2020
Destiny Heatherly | Oct 1, 2020

A year is $99+tax right now. I saw a sign for it. 3 months is like $59 and a week pass is $20

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How much is the membership right now? Will you have any deals in august?

Dawn Noble | Oct 2, 2019
cocinando con jose | Oct 2, 2019

2 enjoy for $99 each all year 1 for $120 a year they have new equipment indoors pool and jacuzzi sauna in cluyed classe

How much is a monthly membership?

Professorsucc | Oct 2, 2019
Dave McCall | Oct 2, 2019

Pricing by the year is the most cost effective and what's nice is they have several locations you can use under your membership. 2 in Ocala alone. It's like $120 year I think though they just came up with some new pricing packages that looked really attractive so I suggest at least giving them a call, the staff is friendly and eager to help even on the phone.

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Do you take silver sneakers?

Eileen Rios | Oct 2, 2019
Gloria Flecha | Oct 2, 2019


Are the hot tubs saunas and steam rooms separate or coed some gyms jave separate for each ?

Robert Lapolt | Oct 2, 2019
Jake Russell | Oct 2, 2019


What time does the pool.close during the week?

Dawn Noble | Oct 2, 2018
GAIL SI (Gailredgreen) | Oct 2, 2018

The pool closes 30 minutes earlier than the gym.

Is the pool open on sundays

Dawn Noble | Oct 2, 2018
Gregory Martin | Oct 2, 2018


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What is the class schedule

Dawn Noble | Oct 2, 2018
Maritza Merino | Oct 2, 2018

I did not got to classes. You will need to call them

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Are you guys open right now ??

Angel Matos | Oct 2, 2018
carson faris | Oct 2, 2018

Open 24/7 on 20th St. Don't know about other locations

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