Howlin' Ray's

Category: Chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Address: 727 N Broadway #128, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA

Phone: +12139358399

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–7PM

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 10AM–7PM

Thursday: 10AM–7PM

Friday: 10AM–7PM

Saturday: 10AM–7PM


Vicky B

Sep 29, 2022

Definetly lives up to the hype!! It was so good, I took some wings home for my family to try out. They all loved it!!

Spyro Morfopoulos

Sep 24, 2022

My 3rd time, and even better than before! Shared a half chicken - mild, and it was super tasty, perfectly cooked and seasoned. Their fries are really good too. I just wish they had more seating available.

Stephen Bryant

Sep 23, 2022

Insanely good. Worth the plane fare to LA for the Sando alone type good.

Sam Mooney

Sep 20, 2022

Lives up to the hype. Best hot chicken sandwich I've ever had, just the right level of spice. Incredible food and service.

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Questions & Answers

Does this place accept debit/credit cards?

David Urrutia | Oct 2, 2018
B Aviles | Oct 2, 2018


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Can i order like mild not so hot chicken because i cant eat to spicy food

Carol Roberson | Oct 2, 2019
Christopher Abbott | Oct 2, 2019

Yes, there is a spiciness scale that starts at "Country" followed by Mild, Medium, Medium+ (not actually on the menu but available), Hot, X-Hot, and "Howlin". Country has no spiciness

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Is howlin' rays halal?

dina abdou | Oct 2, 2018
Nine P | Oct 2, 2018

Good question, Islamic/Muslim preparation is not defined in anything I read while I was there. Please call and confirm.

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Can u pay with a debt card

Lizbeth M | Oct 2, 2017
Rory McAllister | Oct 2, 2017


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Would you consider coming to Riverside?

Lorri Bleier | Oct 2, 2019
Los Angeles | Oct 2, 2019

Good things come to those who wait... Patience, grass hopper.

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Does the Mario style fries have diced chicken breast on top? Kinda like the Sando with fries instead of bread?

Jennifer P | Oct 2, 2018
David Chile | Oct 2, 2018

Yes chicken is sliced in smaller pieces, very yummy!

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do they have take out

King Hueso | Oct 2, 2019
Zac Myers | Oct 2, 2019

Yes they do! Just call ahead to order.

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IS it possible to have a sandwich made in canola oil? I’m allergic to peanuts and they cook in peanut oil.

Armaan Gupta | Oct 2, 2019
Kyrsten Scott | Oct 2, 2019

In n out only used Sunflower Seed oil

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Why don’t they make howlin rays all over the United States

Kristian Ngjela | Oct 2, 2019
J Tse | Oct 2, 2019

They are perfectionists and are having trouble finding a good location. And you can't divide a family like that!

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Are there any delivery services that handle Ray's?

A. C. | Oct 2, 2018
Kevin Zhou | Oct 2, 2018


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Is the country flavor contain no heat at all?

Father Daughter Time | Oct 1, 2020
Calvin Barnes | Oct 1, 2020

Yes, country flavor has no heat to it at all.

Does this Place deliver?

George Lucas | Oct 2, 2019
Kimberly Sanchez | Oct 2, 2019


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If I haven't been there yet, what's the best thing to order?

JaVette Youngblood | Oct 2, 2019
J Acosta | Oct 2, 2019

I would recommend the quarter chicken or the sando. And regarding the spice level, that's up to you but I wouldn't go beyond x-hot.

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What the wait

Black Exclusive | Oct 2, 2019
legokingiscool | Oct 2, 2019

30 min to 2 hr average max.

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Do they have a restroom in case I have to go since the line takes so long?

thechurchofevil | Oct 2, 2019
Chase Edmondson | Oct 2, 2019

They dont lock their door while they're prepping to open. Just go in and ask for a restroom token. The restroom is near the middle of the building.

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When in the day/time of day, is it the least busy?

Blanca Magana | Oct 2, 2019
Justin Melchor | Oct 2, 2019

Usually late afternoon on any weekday (except Monday, they're closed). Between the lunch rush and before people get out of work. So around 4pm. It would be 45 minutes to an hour which may seem long but considering the wait can be 2-3 hours normally, that's not bad at all.

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Does anyone know if they have a Loyalty Reward Stamp program?

Chimp Travel | Oct 2, 2018
Tony Nguyen | Oct 2, 2018

They do not

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Is there free parking available?

Andreas Williams | Oct 2, 2018
Donald Moore | Oct 2, 2018

Only at the meters, on Sunday or if you have a placard

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Are you open Thanksgiving day?

Gennaro Pupa | Oct 2, 2018
Ricky Ignacio | Oct 2, 2018


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is this place still have a long line to wait?

Luke Larssen | Sep 1, 2022
Roque Macias | Sep 1, 2022

Not if you order using an app like postmates, they'll have your food ready when you arrive if you order ahead of time! The standing line now seems to be anywhere from 15 mins to an hour hr max

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Do they offer grilled chicken options?

Fabian Gallardy | Sep 1, 2022
Kadien Kent | Sep 1, 2022

I don’t think they do. But believe me, the last thing you‘ll want after the best hot fried chicken in the world, is grilled chicken.

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Is this place open for ordering inside yet?

Abraham | Oct 1, 2021
York Wilmore | Oct 1, 2021

Nope, not yet... Elizabeth is correct.

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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Oct 1, 2022
n munoz | Oct 1, 2021

U park nearby and order thru postmates. That's how it works now

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Are you open the day after Christmas?

Albert Budnitskiy | Oct 1, 2021
Darryl Gay | Oct 1, 2021


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Are the waffles back ??!!!!! And fries ??!!!!!!!!!

Fresh fromDE | Oct 1, 2021
Julio Samuel Lopez | Oct 1, 2021

As far as I can tell no

Does it take cash or credit or both.

Just_stevenn | Oct 1, 2020
Isaias Y Meerim Morales | Oct 1, 2020

Right now they only take order from Postmates, nothing else

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Will they let a person skip the queue on their birthday? 🙃

Joel Naicker | Oct 1, 2020
Carlos Almaguer | Oct 1, 2020

That's funny

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Is there free parking?

izra._. r | Oct 1, 2020
Spencer Anderson | Oct 1, 2020

Too much of a headache trying to find free parking there's a $6 parking lot right around the corner from howling Ray's.

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How long is it going to take to get through this line!?!

James Moursund | Oct 1, 2020
Omar Cattan | Oct 1, 2020

On the weekends I would say 2.5-3 hours. If you go on the weekdays 2 hours.

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Is there still a wait if I go on a Thursday around 3pm?

Aaron Y | Oct 1, 2020
Maria Bazan | Oct 1, 2020

They always have a wait, but it's worth it

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Do you plan to open another location in the So-Cal area? :-)

Greg Abelllera | Oct 1, 2020
Carlitos Way | Oct 1, 2020

They are opening one in Padadena

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Do they take phone order

Enrique Vargas | Oct 1, 2020
Life is Beautiful | Oct 1, 2020

Yes they do and please make sure to see a doctor after you eat.

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Is there parking structure?

Sandra Rodriguez | Oct 2, 2019
Jose Reynoso | Oct 2, 2019

No only street parking

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Can you order to go?

darenesha peters | Oct 2, 2019
bradley carter | Oct 2, 2019


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They sell gifts cards?

Adrian Montes | Oct 2, 2019
Keldric Drake | Oct 2, 2019

Yess they have gift cards

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Does this place accept EBT card

Alex Mold | Oct 2, 2019
cesar esqueda | Oct 2, 2019

There is no sign regarding that they do accept it. I would assume they don't.

Can I order over the phone and have delivered to me outside in front

kassandra bryant | Oct 2, 2019
BigBrewBo | Oct 2, 2019

No, pre orders are unavailable at this time. You have to go inside and order.

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Do they grubhub

Foodie Edward | Oct 2, 2019
Megan Crisp | Oct 2, 2019

I dont think so. Check Grubhub and Uber Eats. But you might have to be in the delivery zone.

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Do you sell halal Chicken

WithLogic | Oct 2, 2019
Robert “El JEFE” Palma | Oct 2, 2019


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I plan on getting the Howlin plus this Saturday, do I need to be 18 in order to sign the waiver?

Nathan Aceves | Oct 2, 2019
jordan ward | Oct 2, 2019

I don't believe you do

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How much are those chicken sandwiches?

Rami Ramos | Oct 2, 2019
Houdini Jezewski | Oct 2, 2019

Chicken sandwiches are $12. You can view their full menu and prices on their website.

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What’s the wait time today 1/27?

Kimmalo Sivad | Oct 2, 2019
Mario Donis | Oct 2, 2019

It takes about 3 to 4. Hours so get there at 8:00am it opens at 10 am but too many people

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This place is so bomb even the people are super Duper nice theyeven make you laugh and it it makes my day love HOWLIN RAYS

Gisbelle Silva | Oct 2, 2019
Erick Torres | Oct 2, 2019

Yes very great food

Can we pre order large amount ahead of time ?

Esmeralda Huerta | Oct 2, 2019
Ian Gold | Oct 2, 2019

Yes! you can pre-order! Unfortunately, this feature is currently unavailable on their website as they are redesigning their website!

Do they accept Apple Pay ?

jasmine abramson | Oct 2, 2019
lightspeed1212 | Oct 2, 2019


Is This The Worlds *BEST* Chicken???

DIABLO JAMBE | Oct 2, 2019
Emilio Soto | Oct 1, 2020

Chick-fil-A all day

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What's the hype about this place?

Lynx | Oct 2, 2019
joseph bilbrew | Oct 2, 2019

The best damn chicken you can have. On top of the customer service makes it a1. No lie

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Do they deliver?

J P | Oct 2, 2019
Wesley Wong | Oct 2, 2019

No, the place is busting from the time they open. The average wait is 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. It's better to go after 3 when the lines are shorter. People show up an hour before they open. There are tables outside that you can share with other people to eat otherwise you need to take it to home.

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Can they fry in non-peanut oil? Can people with peanut allergies not eat here?

Eunice Kwon | Oct 2, 2019
Los Angeles | Oct 2, 2019

Sorry, I don't know. You'll have to wait in line for at least 2 hours to get an answer. Good luck.

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Does this place deliver?

Mario Perez | Oct 2, 2018
Mike Conover | Oct 2, 2018


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What's a good time to go? I don't want to wait in line for a long time.

Evelyn Anda-Murillo | Oct 2, 2018
J Acosta | Oct 2, 2018

Waiting times vary on a daily basis. The best way to know is to ask them on twitter, they usually have a quick response time.

What a good time to go to be in and out

The Mad Dabber | Oct 2, 2018
Julia | Oct 2, 2018

Follow them on ig they post updates on wait times.

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Is everything served spicy or is there non spicy options?

Michael Prowell | Oct 2, 2018
Donovan H | Oct 2, 2018

The Country style has zero spice.

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Is there a cut off time to line up before closing? Can I arrive in line at 6pm for 7pm closing?

U.S. Financial | Oct 2, 2018
sheron bastian | Oct 2, 2018

As long as you are in the line by 7pm, they will serve you.

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What's the spiciest they got I here it's not on the menu I love spicy food and dying to try it

jessica lopez | Oct 2, 2018
Nine P | Oct 2, 2018

Its a funny name.. just ask for the off menu Howlin challenge.

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Can u build a franchise in New Mexico !!! We r the chili capitol it would make good money we need u here !!!

Elyse Luna | Oct 2, 2018
Sara Cornejo | Oct 2, 2018

Call the Owner..Regarding Your Request..Good Luck

are dogs allowed in the outdoor area?

Don Armstrong | Oct 2, 2018
Nathalie Nalbandian | Oct 2, 2018


How many orders can you make at one time in person?

Donald Ferreira | Oct 2, 2018
TheRealLonelyIsoGod | Oct 2, 2018

Pre order isn't best it takes at least 2 months

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Can you order by phone? If yes do you still have to wait inline to pick it up?

Bill Morris | Oct 2, 2018
Brian Jaimes | Oct 2, 2018

No you cannot. To pick up an order you have to reserve months before online. It's dining or take out.

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Are there long lines here or can you just easily walk in and order?

Jannely Franco | Oct 2, 2018
James Peter | Oct 2, 2018

I one time waited 3 hours. So yes the lines are long.

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What time is good to come with too much of a wait?

Sara Cornejo | Oct 2, 2018
slyguy 23 | Oct 2, 2018

Yeah your gonna wait regardless but its worth it.. Trust me😋

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When will the Howlin Ray's in Culver City be open?

B M | Oct 2, 2018
Steve Vandeman | Oct 2, 2018

Same time they open in Hawaii

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Is there a best time to go to avoid long lines?

Elissa Saldana | Oct 2, 2018
Julian Tan | Oct 2, 2018

Go 30min before open isnt bad. Got my food 40min total wait time on a weekend.

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Are you open on MLK day?

Chidinma Okonkwo | Oct 2, 2018
candice guerrero | Oct 2, 2018

They are currently closed on Mondays. Now open Tuesdays!

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When you guys open??

Salvador Silva | Oct 2, 2018
Ricky Ignacio | Oct 2, 2018


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How long (minutes) is the wait during the week?

Monica S | Oct 2, 2018
Aniket Bhakta | Oct 2, 2018

Get there early. Itll be an hr

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How's the line at opening on the weekends?

Monica S | Oct 2, 2018
David White | Oct 2, 2018

I just went today, got in line at 9:45am, got my food at 1pm

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What time is this place the most crowded

Firoozeh Noroozi | Oct 2, 2018
Ricky Ignacio | Oct 2, 2018

Weekdays are the best, weekends are the worst. That's the best I have. I've always gone right before closing time and have waited between 30 minutes and more than an hour

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Are you only in L.A. ?

Sybreon Kelly | Oct 2, 2018
Dereck Nguyen | Oct 2, 2018


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Closed Christmas Eve?

Diego Valenzuela | Oct 2, 2018
Ricky Ignacio | Oct 2, 2018


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Open new years day??

Lalaina White | Oct 2, 2018
Ricky Ignacio | Oct 2, 2018


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Is halal chicken on the menu ?

Sarah lols | Oct 2, 2018
Zachary Welch | Oct 2, 2018


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Why are they open only from 11am to 4pm

BARLOS 100 | Oct 2, 2018
Mike Avetisyan | Oct 2, 2018

They stop letting people stand in line at 4. The line takes a while to finish.

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Probably closed Christmas day as well?

Juventino Lopez | Oct 2, 2018
Ricky Ignacio | Oct 2, 2018

Yup. They were closed Thanksgiving so sure they'll be closed Christmas. Check their Instagram.

Why is this place so packed all the time??? Are they that good?...

Amin Abdel Flores Saaib | Oct 2, 2018
Jose Valencia | Oct 2, 2018

YUP. Just.... YUP. Flavorful, juicy chicken and good with a great atmosphere and service. Totally worth the wait.

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How much us the price for a combo chicken sandwich

Patricia Orozco | Oct 2, 2017
Ray Benjamin Ventigan | Oct 2, 2017

It's 11 dollars for the hot chicken sando! I don't think they have a combo though. You gotta order fries and drinks on the side.

Is the Howlin' sauce really that spicy?

A Google User | Oct 2, 2017
Martin Famiglietti | Oct 2, 2017

The spiciness is due to the way they season your chicken, not due to a sauce. You get to choose the level of spiciness from no heat, all the way up to tear inducing flames coming out your mouth. Medium heat is a good starting point.

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