Vasta's Bistro and Pizzeria

Category: Pizza restaurant

Address: 1 Grant Pl, Stamford, NY 12167, USA

Phone: +16076523747

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 12–9PM

Tuesday: 12–9PM

Wednesday: 12–9PM

Thursday: 12–9PM

Friday: 12–9PM

Saturday: 12–9PM

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Questions & Answers

When we come to Stamford in May, I will be celebrating my birthday. I don't see desserts on your menu. Do you serve them, and if so, what do you offer? Thanks, Gail

Gail Sakai | Mar 16, 2019
jennifer briggs | Mar 17, 2019

They have alot of different types. You won't be disappointed. I live right down the road, and eat there from time to time, and I always save room for dessert. They have a display case, you can look and choose what you like. How you enjoy. And, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY. 😊

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Do you take credit cards

Norman Janelle | Mar 15, 2020
Burp Reynolds | Mar 16, 2020

All places take credit cards.

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Are you delivering

Barbara Darling | Mar 15, 2020
K. Mehert K. Selam | Mar 16, 2020

No. They don't deliver. Not even locally. What a shame!

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Do they serve beer and wine?

A Google User | Oct 18, 2021
Brian Coppersmith | Oct 19, 2021

Italian restaurant and full bar 🍺 with cocktails and wine 🍷 too also 1 of few restaurants that serve veal cutlet in subs and dinners... Family oriented with extremely friendly staff and not to mention a very delicious meal.!!! Highly recommend.!!!!

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