Regi Universal Supermarket

Category: Grocery store in Bonita Springs, Florida

Address: 26611 Old 41 Rd, Bonita Springs, FL 34135, USA

Phone: +12394953414

Opening hours

Sunday: 7AM–9PM

Monday: 6AM–10PM

Tuesday: 6AM–10PM

Wednesday: 6AM–10PM

Thursday: 6AM–10PM

Friday: 6AM–10PM

Saturday: 6AM–10PM


Percy De Leon

Sep 5, 2022

There are all things than anyone need it

Melissa C

Sep 1, 2022

Stopped in to check out the place. It's a grocery store with a large section of Hispanic foods. In the back, they have a bakery and freshly prepared food. The pastries we bought were delicious. And the price was quite reasonable. $.90 cents for pastries and $3.99 for the dish pictured below. Meat was flavorful, tender, and moist.


Aug 28, 2022

Produce is pretty poor and the hot food isn't good Hispanic/Mexican food. Coming from California and being around authentic Mexican/Hispanic food I have to say par boiled rice and watered beans and overly greasy oily meat is not good and no fresh salsa to be found.The employees don't smile and it is extremely over crowded and tight quarters. I feel like white folks aren't welcome there. Most employees don't speak English. The pastries look great but they don't add enough sugar or salt to them and all pastries are dried out. . The Cuban bread is awful dried out. Not trying to hate on this business, the local Hispanic population love it there so they are booming! Be prepared to be the tallest person there and be prepared for the unwelcome feeling. Prices are pretty high and not a huge selection. They all look at you like you are in another country there, like they have never seen a white person. They should try to smile at the customers and say Hi or thank you or something welcoming..

Brittany Iraheta

Aug 16, 2022

It's true the economy is bad but this is a steal for $10. I go in the afternoons and they give me good food now I go in the morning and this is what they give me.

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Questions & Answers

Do you happen to sell pop that is a mixed Cranberry-Ginger Ail?? Thanks Dearl

dearl hill | Sep 29, 2018
Romaya Fuentes | Sep 29, 2018

I am a costumer and I don't think they do.

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