Sanderson Farms

Category: Food processing company

Address: 2076 NC-20, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA

Phone: +19102740220

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9AM–5PM

Tuesday: 9AM–5PM

Wednesday: 9AM–5PM

Thursday: 9AM–5PM

Friday: 9AM–5PM

Saturday: Closed


Ulan Dzhumagulov

Sep 26, 2022

Standard cock, 8.5 hours per pickup


Sep 14, 2022

There's a million jobs out there for drivers, don't sell your soul to this place. Worst company to drive/work for. They will work you to death, literally. A driver here died of a heart attack after threatening his job if he called out. Your effort and performance is never good enough, and they look for reason to fire you rather than keep you. I left because I have more self respect than how they treat people, and so should you.

Robin Williams R.

Sep 8, 2022

I saw Sanderson Farms truck going down the road with a bunch of White chickens on there and some of them did not look healthy at all and one look like it had its foot stuck in the wire very cruel very cruel.Chickens look like they didn't have any meat on their bones...very skinny, sad!! Why??

Chris Brown

Aug 26, 2022

Poor management, its has been a mo th since hired with no scheduled orientation, not sanitary no willingness to work with employees, unfair and strignet business practices. Would not recommend to someone who has serious responsibilities such as children, rent, loans etc. There are better plants to work for.

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Questions & Answers

Why when I try to call in this morning my call was can go through

Rose Oxendine | Mar 1, 2022
Kamisha Lewis | Mar 1, 2022

What number are you calling ?

How do I apply?

Kendrick Foster | Sep 27, 2020
Dee Jen | Sep 27, 2020

My orientation is pending how long does it usually take before they call you?

Chyiene Prevatte | Sep 27, 2020
Orlandus Mckinnon | Sep 27, 2021

What do they do here

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Are they hiring

Jessica Murphy | Sep 27, 2020
Kelton Locklear | Sep 27, 2020

Yes go on indeed look up sanderson farm

How long is the process for hiring there best time to go

Donald Payne | Sep 27, 2020
Bridget Locklear | Sep 27, 2020

It varies.. A lot of times they might give you interview when you finish application.. If so you'll know then whether or not if hired. But if hired sometimes it takes a little longer for background check but usually about 1 or 2 weeks for that then orientation

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How long does it take for a background check to come back with a clean record

Lowell Brooks III | Sep 27, 2020
Hakeem Bey | Sep 27, 2020

Depends on how you submitted your information. Mailed: Mailing time, processing time, return mailing time. Electronically: A few days.

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How can I get transportation...I'm coming from and going to Lumberton.

Lady Kay | Sep 27, 2020
Hakeem Bey | Sep 27, 2020

Some have transportation services. Paid weekly.

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Do we work live hang on saturdays?

Mack Patterson | Sep 27, 2020
C Lawrence (CJ) | Sep 27, 2020

Only when all we work on Saturdays so not often mostly mon.-fri.

What times can I come in to fill out for a job

andrew chavis | Sep 28, 2019
Hakeem Bey | Sep 28, 2019

Mon thru Fri 9am to 5pm. However the earlier you come the sooner they can start your processing.

How do I go about putting in a application ?

Derrick carthens | Sep 28, 2019
Lathan Jones | Sep 28, 2019

Go there about round 8:30-9:00 at the guard house and tell them you are there to put in an application.

Is the Sanderson farm open on holidays?

Kenneth Wharton | Sep 28, 2019
Hakeem Bey | Sep 28, 2019

No. Closed on major holidays.

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What are the shift hours? How many hours you work weekly?

Tony Scarborough | Sep 28, 2019
Hollywood.J Elliott | Sep 28, 2019

3rd shifts 32-39 hours

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What time are the shifts here?

Tremayne Gaddy | Sep 28, 2019
pamela graves | Sep 28, 2019

It depends on the department you are working in. 1st shift 1st processing starts up at 504a.m which is live hang. Evis starts up 10 minutes afterwards. 2nd shift starts at 1:46pm to 10:15pm. Live hang. Evis 1:56pm to 10:30pm 2nd processing 1at shift starts up at 8-8:30a.m to 4:30pm 2nd shift 4:30pm to no later than 1:30 a.m

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What is the starting pay?

William Pittman | Sep 28, 2019
May Sanderson | Sep 28, 2019

Do they hire felons

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Is Sanderson FARM HIRING

William Pittman | Sep 28, 2019
melissa carney | Sep 28, 2019


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Do y'all part time jobs opening

Reggie Carmichael | Sep 28, 2018
Jason Weems | Sep 28, 2018

Outstanding company to work for you need to join the ultimate team

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Does Sanderson farms in st.pauls nc provide transportation to work and from work. Or does anyone have a transportation service out there.

Sabrina Lowery | Sep 28, 2018
Sabrina Lowery | Sep 28, 2018

Does anyone know any phone numbers to contact them

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Do they do transportation also?

La Taunya White | Sep 28, 2018
Lisa Campbell | Sep 28, 2018

They don't but there are different Transportation organizations out there

Are they hiring now?

Audrey Peterkin | Sep 28, 2018
Carissa J | Sep 28, 2018

Go to the office in lumberton ; the unemployment office

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When is the chicken run in Lumberton Nc

Billy Joe Pittman | Sep 28, 2018
Carissa J | Sep 28, 2018

I believe today.

Whats the number to Sanderson Farm

Brittney Williams | Sep 28, 2017
Brittney Williams | Sep 28, 2017

Did that it wasnt the right number

Is the plant in st Paul's n.c going to be in operation on monday september 11

debra edwards | Sep 28, 2017
Latonya Hicks | Sep 28, 2017


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