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Address: 2415 SW 27th Ave, Ocala, FL 34471, USA

Phone: +13522376196

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Kim Lowe-Hoover

Sep 4, 2022

My appreciation goes out to Ocala Dental Care. I had a dental emergency, and they came to my rescue. I spent 3 miserable days trying to get an appointment with an office in my insurance network. Three days of no one answering their office phones, or leaving multiple messages that weren't returned, or being told I'd have to wait as long as 4 MONTHS to be seen by an in-network dentist. I even drove to three offices during regular business hours and found none of them open. Even my insurance's emergency help line couldn't get me an in-network appointment. Finally, I had to resort to looking for a dentist that was not in my insurance network. Ocala Dental Care was the first place I called, and they got me in to see someone that very same day. By then, it was late afternoon on the Friday before Labor Day weekend. Their staff worked on my mouth for 3 hours, staying late to care for me. How rare it is to find a business that will go the extra mile on the Friday before a holiday weekend for someone who had never been to their office before! I was sent home pain free and happy with a renewed faith in good customer service. You can bet I'll be shopping for a new dental insurance carrier that has Ocala Dental Care as one of their providers!

Cayyy ._.

Sep 2, 2022

Another great appointment today. I had the absolute best experience at Ocala Dental Care today...from the front desk to the back office the entire experience was calming and pleasant. Thank you for great service!

Lisa Phillips

Aug 26, 2022

Dentist, assistants ok Office manager awful. Had nothing whatsoever to do with money I owed. I will sum it up to say the negative atmosphere here is bad. Find somewhere else.

China Hunt

Aug 23, 2022

This place is horrible and doesn't care about your dental health.Went in for a horrible toothache on a Tuesday and followed up with Helen on Thursday afternoon about having the tooth extracted and asking the doctor about additional pain meds after mine ran out. After making several calls from Friday morning up until 5 that afternoon Helen finally called me back at 5. Stating the price of the extraction and that they had a new opening that coming Monday. Since I work through the week I requested another day. I was then told to make a $300 payment for the extraction scheduled date which was the end of the month. Why wasn't this communicated at the time of scheduling I asked. No response from Helen I then asked about a refill on Ibruphen 800 and was told to buy some from the store. Rude, disrespectful, poor customer service and money shaming me will not help your business. Read their response. Its sad and shows that they don't care. Take your insurance and money elsewhere don't make the same mistake. I did.

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Questions & Answers

How much to pull tooth

Johnathan scriven | Feb 23, 2022
Ocala Dental Care | Feb 23, 2022

Hi Jonathan, We would need you to come in for an office visit with the dentist to determine the exact cost for your case.

Do they accept medicaid?

Ryan vigilante | Nov 25, 2021
Ocala Dental Care | Nov 25, 2021

No we do not unless it is a PPO plan. Most medicaid plans are not, they are usually HMO Plans.

Do you do wisdom teeth that are not in Impacted I guess is what they call it

tina baldwin | Oct 26, 2021
Ocala Dental Care | Oct 26, 2021

Yes Tina, we also do most impacted wisdom teeth as well.

Do they take Delta Dental

Phyllis Allwein | Sep 21, 2021
Ocala Dental Care | Nov 25, 2021

We work with any PPO Insurance so as long as it is a PPO we do.

Do you take Cigna dental insurance?

Daisha S | Sep 21, 2021
Ocala Dental Care | Sep 21, 2021

We take any dental PPO so as long as the Cigna is a PPO then yes we take it. We do not take any HMO insurances.

Do you take Freedom Health

Mary playlist H0lland | Sep 21, 2021
Ocala Dental Care | Sep 21, 2021

We work with Freedom Health as a discount plan. We discount approximately 50% of our fees to anyone with this plan.

What are your prices for gold crowns

Ted Grimes | Sep 21, 2020
Ocala Dental Care | Sep 21, 2020

It depends on the tooth and if it would need a buildup or not. We recommend coming in for an exam for us to give you a definitive price. Please call 352-237-6196 and we would love to get you on our schedule.

Who is the leading dentist at ocala dental care

Patty Balkcom | Sep 22, 2018
Marie Steele | Sep 22, 2018


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