Mercel's Bake Shop

Category: Filipino restaurant

Address: 8500 49th St N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, USA

Phone: +17275463560

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–7PM

Monday: 10AM–7PM

Tuesday: 10AM–7PM

Wednesday: 10AM–7PM

Thursday: 10AM–7PM

Friday: 10AM–7PM

Saturday: 10AM–7PM



Aug 28, 2022

The food was nice sized and presented nicely on plates, but everything really needed salt and seasoning. The grocery has no prices so it’s like a surprise to know how much anything is!! So that’s highly inconvenient to know if it’s over priced. They do offer shipping of boxes, but you can find that cheaper in other areas. Overall, just an Okay place. My mouth wasn’t left wanting more and I didn’t buy anything because I didn’t want to keep asking how much is this. :)

coldheat 7

Aug 6, 2022

So really a 4.5 but rounding in favor of the restaurant because it is worth checking out... and you know math. Half market half restaurant the food was what every foodie hopes to find in a hole in the wall. we enjoyed each dish that we ordered but the standout is the sizzling pork sisig! With the garlic rice it was something to come back for. I am not Filipino and suggest doing some research of the menu if you aren't either. The names are unfamiliar but the food is great! Will note that the place is run by what appears to be a husband and wife. As such the service can fall behind. The market is also worth checking out if you want to make some Filipino food too.

Angela Reyes

Jul 20, 2022

CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE!!! we bought something that was 4 months expired not knowing until we ate one and it tasted gross, we bring it back and ask for a refund and the old woman gave so much attitude about it sayin "just go get another one" and there wasn't even the original product, when we said we don't want another one, and there isn't one anyway she gave our refund without looking at us and gave us the most attitude, if you don't want to give refunds, don't sell expired product!

Pablo Marrero

Jul 10, 2022

Great food

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Questions & Answers

Does this place have authentic Filipino food?

Louis Antonucci | Sep 21, 2021
Jessie Perlado | Sep 21, 2021

Yes, authentic but I dont know what side of the Philippines. Different from some but still good.

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Do you serve lumpia daily for lunch?

James Shelton (Mike) | Sep 22, 2019
Steve C | Sep 22, 2019

I have only eaten there for dinner. But, I would imagine all menu items are available for both lunch and dinner.

Hello po, when is the last date for door to door box b4 shipping? Thank you!

Rowena Miner | Sep 22, 2018
Peter Schulenberg | Sep 22, 2018

I think every Thursday is pick up at the store

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