Phone Repair and More Denver (Game Console and Tablet Repair)

Category: Mobile phone repair shop in Denver, Colorado

Address: 2344 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206, USA

Phone: +17208099999

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–5PM

Monday: 10AM–6PM

Tuesday: 10AM–6PM

Wednesday: 10AM–6PM

Thursday: 10AM–6PM

Friday: 10AM–6PM

Saturday: 10AM–6PM


Pete Goff

Sep 20, 2022

Wow! they were fast! I got my problem solved in a few minutes, and not too much money! These guys are the BEST!

Rachel Marshall

Sep 20, 2022

Great experience fixed my phone screen quickly, great fast service and the people were really nice welcoming and accommodating. Thank you so much

Jim K

Sep 20, 2022

I brought in a couple older game consoles to get them checked out. Matthew was very helpful, explained what I needed to get them running and was very knowledgeable overall. I would highly recommend this business based on the service and treatment I received. Great experience!

Eli Leyba

Sep 20, 2022

A couple of months back my Xbox one started to glitch out since it was one of the first generation models that was probably having issues regarding the disk drive. I took it to get looked at and repaired over to you break I fix off of Wadsworth Boulevard in Arvada and after almost 3 weeks of no communication I went to pick it up and was informed by the people at this place that they didn’t even bother to clean it and just simply slap the sticker on there. Phone repair and more were very awesome to work with. The repair was only $100 and the staff were very friendly and informative. In fact they were able to fix everything in under three hours! Should any of my other devices have issues I know where I’m going and hopefully to anybody reading this you’ll strongly consider this place as well; they’ll do you good!

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Questions & Answers

do they repair Nintendo switch with power issues?

Preston Halliburton | Sep 13, 2022
N'er-Gee Energy 21 | Sep 14, 2022

Well you know, I went in there and I was told that my phone was obsolete out of date and needed to buy a new one in which I was not in the market to do just that that's why I wanted to repair it not break myself for another one. I however go ahead and stop by or call them the salesman was nice and personality but nonetheless he's a salesman good luck

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I have a nintendo switch lite with a broken backlight. It turns on and the sound works, but the screen is blank. Do you think you might be able to fix this? Thanks

kelsey g | Dec 24, 2021
Phone Repair and More Denver (Game Console and Tablet Repair) | Dec 24, 2021

Yes we should be able to, please pop by our shop

How much is it

Noah Froehlich | Sep 20, 2020
Phone Repair and More Denver (Game Console and Tablet Repair) | Sep 20, 2020

How much is what?

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