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Address: 1626 TN-12 S, Ashland City, TN 37015, USA


Martin Castaneda

Dec 30, 2021

There barcodes cheat 2 or 3 didrent prices when you pay at register check the high price

Michelle Franzen

Dec 23, 2021

Walmart has it all! I do the grocery pick up every week and it saves me time and money. I pan my meals ahead of time and shop my list online. It prevents impulse buys :)

john c

Oct 15, 2021

This WalMart is the best. Got my tires here and the service department staff are awesome. The guy that changed my tires was a little grumpy with me about the ball joints and struts on my car needing to be replaced really bad. I only laughed …

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Questions & Answers

Why does the person answering the phone have such a bad attitude

Jessica Crowell | Oct 14, 2021
Thelma Binkley | Oct 15, 2021

I have always had a good experience with the person answering my phone call. Please understand that they deal with angry customers sometimes.

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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

People are asking | Apr 17, 2021
Gregory Atkins | Apr 18, 2021

Not good enough for me, I'd rather do free pick. 2 stars for their diligence on m keeping up with protocol.

Can adults wear a Halloween t shirts or regular t shirts with some costume accessories,some skirt and some tights to go trick or treating with kids to get some candy,about October 31st.

Shonte Shields | Jan 12, 2021
Frank Whited | Jan 13, 2021

I am not sure the question is if it is possible or not. I know Wal-Mart sells items like you describe. I think the better question is: should you? I get many adults like to dress up - especially for Halloween - but doing so when not accompanying younger children in order to get candy seems a little bit strange. But to each his/her own I suppose...

Are you taking any returns yet? I need to return a pair of men's shoes.

Pat Bess | Jan 12, 2021
SuAnn Scott | Jan 13, 2021

I am sorry that I don't know the answer

Is the Walmart in Ashland City closing for good

Jenifer Dozier | Jan 13, 2020
Jodi Bloodgood | Jan 14, 2020

Haven't heard a peep about it closing. I would be shocked as it is always busy. It's the most frequented store in our small town.

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Where are the tarot cards located

Shawn Wright | Jan 13, 2020
Lynnette Gibson-LaZarrus | Jan 14, 2020

By the book sections

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Do you have battery for weedeats?

Carrol Gallaher | Jan 13, 2020
K T | Jan 14, 2020


do you sell serenghetu sunglasses

doyle petty | Jan 13, 2020
Ken Williams | Jan 14, 2020


Who is warenty through

Connie Moore | Jan 13, 2020
Bobby Woodard | Jan 14, 2020

Call them

How much is their oil change at Wal-Mart?

M D | Jan 13, 2020
Bobby Woodard | Jan 14, 2020

It depends on the oil and the amount that your car needs

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Do you sell empire dvds?

Mildred Langdon | Jan 13, 2019
Mary Ann Bower | Jan 14, 2019

If you mean the movie, I have not seen it at this Walmart. Maybe at another larger Walmart, possibly Dickson.

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What Walmart in Nashville TN sell beta fish

Holly Moser | Jan 13, 2019
Jeff Bender | Jan 14, 2019

I have been to several area stores and they all had them

On night shift how many lanes are open is only rhe one self check out?

Jonathon Gobell | Jan 13, 2019
Michael Nesmith | Jan 14, 2019

Usually 1 checker & 8 self check

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Do they have king le o peppermint sticks at this location

Karen Smith | Jan 13, 2018
Amy Stewart | Jan 14, 2018


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Do u sell hemp oil

Larry Newland | Jan 13, 2018
Panga A | Jan 14, 2018

What is that

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