Miss Mary Bobo's Restaurant

Category: Down home cooking restaurant

Address: 295 Main St, Lynchburg, TN 37352, USA

Phone: +19317597394

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 11AM–2PM

Tuesday: 11AM–2PM

Wednesday: 11AM–2PM

Thursday: 11AM–2PM

Friday: 11AM–2PM

Saturday: 11AM–2PM


Travels with Debbie & Randy

Dec 14, 2021

What a wonderful experience and history here. Everyone was very nice, the rooms are quiet and perfect for lunch. We would come back. Visit our YouTube Channel, @TravelswithDebbieandRandy for our review.

Mike Panfile

Sep 15, 2021

Awesome food The hostess gave a brief history of the place There are no menu options, they bring out everything. We went with the Jack …

Vickie Tunstill

Dec 14, 2021

Our food was excellent, and so was the service. I enjoyed our visit, and I look forward to going back when they can return to the pre-Covid style of eating around a big table family-style.

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Questions & Answers

Can I make reservations online?

Sherry Knowles | Jan 13, 2018
Butch Shelton | Jan 14, 2018

I didn't think you can make reservations online. Old school talk on the phone type

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What is the Christmas schedule?

Cynthia Lindblom | Jan 13, 2018
Jim Laney | Jan 14, 2018

Need to call. That's the best way to know.

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Is it necessary to make reservations and how far in advance should I plan?

Matthew Darks | Jan 13, 2019
Ruby Winkles | Jan 14, 2019

U must have reservations to eat here

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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

People are asking | Feb 16, 2021
Kyle Ragsdale | Feb 17, 2021

They are doing everything they need to

We have reservations for four on 30 March but wish to cancel. Have called and received a voice mail saying they are closed until 30 March. How can we get credit for this cancellation?

Carole Mohr | Jan 12, 2021
Angela Farley McTaggart | Jan 13, 2021

As of today it's been closed until further notice. I will ask when I get to the distillery in a few. Message me on Facebook. 😊

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Can gift certificates be purchased ?

Eric Green | Jan 13, 2020
Cesar Mejia | Jan 14, 2020

Not sure, but you definitely cannot get in without a reservation. No matter what part of the globe or universe you're coming from. They will not accept you without a reservation. Totally worth it though.

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Are tips included in the price to dine?

Kim Gagnon | Jan 13, 2020
William West | Jan 14, 2020

Tips are not included with the price. They are however donations to the staff. Which are local college student's with a work program at Miss Bobo's. All the kids highly appreciate anything left for their services.

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Are y’all open on Sunday’s?

Laura Tywater | Jan 13, 2019
Kathy Saladino | Jan 14, 2019

No. They're not open on Sundays.

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Do u have chicken nuggets

Susan Brown | Nov 13, 2021
Carren Porter | Nov 14, 2021

No. Fried chicken but not nuggets.

Are you open on Mondays?

David Bursey | Jan 12, 2021
Kim Gagnon | Jan 13, 2021

I don't believe they are. They do have a web site.

Is miss Mary hobos open on thanksgiving. I will be 53on Thanksgiving.

Gregory Faulkner | Jan 13, 2020
Kim Jolley | Jan 14, 2020

No where close on that day

How do I confirm reservations?

Jeanne Brock | Jan 13, 2020
Adam barnett | Jan 14, 2020

Call them and make reservations. Show up 15 minutes early and they will check you in

What's the price for lunch

Debbie Johnson | Jan 13, 2020
Christina Carleton | Jan 14, 2020

$25. It's listed on their website. The food is fantastic!

Is there bus parking

martin johnson | Jan 13, 2020
michael mccloskey | Jan 14, 2020

Not at Bobos but Wiseman park does right behind it.. or Jack Daniel's Visitor Center Parking area has Bus Parking..

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How far is it from your restaurant to the distillery for the tours.

Pam Chevalier | Jan 13, 2019
Patrick Query | Jan 14, 2019

A 5 minute walk, just don't get sidetracked by the neat shops at the square.

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how long does lunch usually last?

Cindy Holmes | Jan 13, 2019
Dana Chapman | Jan 14, 2019

I agree that it's about an hour. But make sure you have time to visit the gift shop either before or after lunch 😀. Lots of goodies!!

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What is the price of s meal?

Rose Rose | Jan 13, 2019
Dell Abstract | Jan 14, 2019

Great place. Be sure to take the horse pulled ride too as you learn SO much about Jack Daniel. Hope to to go again soon. Was just there last October.

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What is the dining schedule?

george lawrence | Jan 13, 2019
Emily Anderson | Jan 14, 2019

You need to call ahead & make reservations, but the dining times are usually 12-5pm

Are they open year round?

Ruth Ethridge | Jan 13, 2019
Dell Abstract | Jan 14, 2019

They are open all year and it was great and also learned about the building that was built around 1820 way before the civil war.

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Will you be open the Wednesday before Thanksgiving?

Milbrey Campbell | Jan 13, 2018
Gordon Ricketts | Jan 14, 2018

They are but you better make reservations now there are only two time slots available.

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WHat times are meals served on Thursday, Oct. 5th? What is served & what is the cost? We're looking at a party of 8. Thank you.

Chris Perry | Jan 13, 2018
Chloe' Costilla | Jan 14, 2018

The food variety is served at random, family style around the table. There is no menu. It's $25.00 per person. Anything can be served but it is standard Southern fare, anything from chicken to pork or fish to beans and cornbread. Just depends. Call ahead for reservations, espically for large parties.

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What are the hours of business

MaryHelen Skeen | Jan 13, 2018
James Thorsen | Jan 14, 2018

Make sure you get a reservation.

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