Stone Bridge Memorial Park

Category: Memorial park

Address: 301 Eufala St, Fayetteville, TN 37334, USA

Phone: +19314336059

Opening hours

Sunday: 4AM–9PM

Monday: 4AM–9PM

Tuesday: 4AM–9PM

Wednesday: 4AM–9PM

Thursday: 4AM–9PM

Friday: 4AM–9PM

Saturday: 4AM–9PM


Audrey Land

Dec 14, 2021

Great place to visit and just enjoy the scenery. Paved path offers a great walkway, with swings to sit and listen to the river. Christmas lights are a bonus this time of year …

Linda Becar

Aug 16, 2021

Very pretty place to visit. Well maintained, with the exception of the broken and out of food, food dispensers. Some good history to intake and read about here. The ducks are a bonus. So friendly and sweet.

Brandon Hughes

Oct 15, 2021

Terrible place to go and eat. Tables were filthy and RATS was running around everywhere. On the tables, the seats and the rafters. It has potential to be a nice park but right now it is terrible.

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Questions & Answers

Is fishing allowed

Corey Cook | Jan 13, 2019
Glenn | Jan 14, 2019

Yes. They don't fill it with trout. The only thing I know that they put it there are catfish.

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Is camping allowed and for how long?

nomad 63 | Jan 13, 2019
Tonya Toots | Jan 14, 2019

No camping at this park. You could try Sharon Johnson park in New Market, AL or Davy Crockett Park in Lawrenceburg, TN. TN has several campgrounds to choose from. You just have to research. Good luck.

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Can you ride a bicycle there?

Randell | May 17, 2021
Gregg Owens | May 18, 2021

I suppose you could, but the width of the path, especially around the pond, it may be better to walk.

How many times around the track is a mile ?

Barbara Hargrove | May 17, 2021
Dan Hughes | May 18, 2021

Measuring the distance using Google Maps; It's about a quarter mile track, so four laps.

Are there grills for a cook out?

Emily Jones | Jan 13, 2020
Darla J | Jan 14, 2020

I don't remember seeing any; there are picnic tables (under shelter and in the open), restrooms, porch swings, a walking path, ducks and feed for purchase, a performance stage, etc.

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Do they have hiking trails

Debra Sanders | Jan 13, 2019
Carrie Warren | Jan 14, 2019

No hiking trails here. All they have is a walking track that I believe is 1/4 mile (May be wrong). If you're interested in hiking trails in Fayetteville, I recommend Wells Hill Park.

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