Vocelli Pizza

Category: Pizza restaurant

Address: 7008 Salem Fields Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22407, USA

Phone: +15407861710

Opening hours

Sunday: 10:30AM–10PM

Monday: 10:30AM–10PM

Tuesday: 10:30AM–10PM

Wednesday: 10:30AM–10PM

Thursday: 10:30AM–10PM

Friday: 10:30AM–11PM

Saturday: 10:30AM–11PM


Joan LeVant

Aug 12, 2020

My family had Vocelli Pizza and it was really good. It taste for fresh and more so like homemade pizza then mass produced pizza like a Pizza Hut or dominos they are fast and have some great desserts. I would recommend this place.Thank you for the feedback. Staff will be thrilled to know that they are providing excellent service.

Amanda Rae

Feb 9, 2018

Best pizza in town and quick delivery!

Jamie McMaster

Aug 12, 2020

I have had some decent experiences with this place and bad experiences. I’ve dealt with the owner, the manager, and shift managers. Anthony Is horrible. He has absolutely no customer service skills whatsoever. He is extremely rude. Not to mention you gave me a 45 min to an hour delivery time. I call an hour later and it’s not even made and only one driver. Not to mention was very rude asking about my order. This place wouldn’t let me order for a couple months because I had issues while the owner was on vacation. The literally pull out small pizza dough unproofed so there ends up being no crust and not cooked all the way. Unfortunately this is the only pizza place that goes to my house because it’s far. Management needs to get it together and value their customers.

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Questions & Answers

I ordered a delivery and waited 2 hrs and when i called to find out why is taking so long i was told to wait another hr or get the refund which i canceled it because instead of telling me to remake my order they wanted me to wait another hr or more

Leonardo Rivera | Feb 5, 2020
TerrifiedTaylor Gaming | Feb 6, 2020

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