The Village Pantry

Category: Deli

Address: 5510 E Pleasant Valley Blvd, Tyrone, PA 16686, USA

Phone: +18146844302

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 8AM–8PM

Tuesday: 8AM–8PM

Wednesday: 8AM–8PM

Thursday: 8AM–8PM

Friday: 8AM–8PM

Saturday: 8AM–7PM


Skittle POP

Jun 15, 2022

Amazing. Their food bar and deli are delicious. I can tell they take care of the food.

tammy snyder

Jun 8, 2022

Great food, the buffet isn't huge but what is on it is delicious. I stop here often on my way to work.

Sheila Thomas

Feb 9, 2022

Great place to shop. Was disappointed that they didn't have any deserts in the case like usual. Also was out of some of the soup starters the usually have. Wanted to stock up for my daughter who is due to give birth any day now.

big ol poppa 53 3xog

Nov 15, 2021

Good quick food had the mashed potatoes and the chicken tenders pretty good

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Questions & Answers

Do you carry Swiss Cheese in the deli

bertie barnhill | Dec 1, 2019
Leann Kimmen | Dec 2, 2019

VP is a full grocery store.. fresh veggies, full deli, local bacon and cheeses and meats, packaged food, bakery.

can you get a sandwich in the Deli if so how & what kind how do I order one in the deli I still want to get beans & things to go with it

nancy stouffer | Nov 16, 2021
christina eckley | Nov 17, 2021

You fill out a slip at the counter. Of what kind and what you want on it. Then when its made u can pay for it at the registers with the rest of your groceries. Hope this helps

Do they serve breakfastany days?

P Davis | Dec 1, 2019
DevilDog | Dec 2, 2019

Don't know ,you could call them. I live 1500 miles away. Just ate when visiting friends.

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How much is it a person for the buffet

T green | Dec 1, 2019
amy mckinney | Dec 2, 2019

You pay for your food by weight not person. They have plates you can use if you're eating there or if your meal is ',to go' then you use a styrofoam or plastic container for your food. Call them to get the current price per pound.

What is on sale for this week? Missed the 40 lbs of chicken last week. : (

PJ | Dec 1, 2019
Tonya Young | Dec 2, 2019

Deli items this week

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Is it a nice place

Tammie Brandt | Dec 1, 2018
Diann Turnbaugh | Dec 2, 2018

One of my favorite places to shop! Great deli- fresh and great prices..... great for baking supplies when u want fresh & natural ... and really tasty hot foods buffet and salad bar- handy for that quick take out meal after a day at the office

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Menu for tonight

Fun Unleashed | Dec 1, 2018
A Google User | Dec 2, 2018

What is for dinner on Thursday

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