Gauley River Wild & Woolly Primitive Campground

Category: Campground in Summersville, West Virginia

Address: 286 Arnette Rd, Summersville, WV 26651, USA

Phone: +13046197332


Shawn Wooten

Oct 27, 2021

Over all it wasn't a terrible place to camp, very beautiful star scenery. They were kind of misleading on some things. For one they only had 3 fire rings for the entire campground🤨 and they call them "communal fire rings" even tho you have …Thank you for your comments. We’d be happy to address them. There were actually 6 communal fire pits. This is Gauley season when literally hundreds of private boaters from across the country camp in our main field. It’s not practical to put 50 or more fire pits in the field. Private boaters typically like to share fire pits with other groups so they can talk about their day on the river. Since you weren’t private boaters, but rather campers who had scheduled a trip down the river with a commercial outfitter, we accommodated your group of 5 with your own private fire pit which you used from the time you arrived to cook your dinner and burn and sit by through both nights. If you had been camping when we provide private primitive camping, any other time other than Gauley season, you would have had your choice of fire pits as you would have been the only campers here. You would have also received your first bundle of firewood free. Oh wait, we did give your group a free bundle of firewood. We don’t feel we were misleading as the website does state “Excluding the Gauley whitewater season” with several prompts to links about Gauley whitewater season, and since your purpose for staying here was to take a whitewater trip down the Gauley, you were obviously aware it was Gauley season. $5/bundle of 5-6 pieces of oak/hickory is the going rate in this area. As far as the eggs, we had just sold the last of our freshest eggs to the campers who arrived right before you. That’s the only time the marketing text on our website for our eggs was taken so literally. It’s not like we inspect your coolers for contraband eggs. Most people check to make sure we have them before they come. If we had known you didn’t have any breakfast food for your swim down the river, we could have went to the convenient store that’s 5 miles away and bought you some or one of the private boaters would have gladly donated some to you. Regardless, we hope you enjoyed your whitewater experience on the Gauley.

Bianca Kontra

May 30, 2021

On our hunt to find a more private stay we stumbled upon The Wild & Woolly Farm and couldn’t have been happier!! The grounds are gorgeous- equipped with hiking trails, a stage, a quick walk to the Gauley River, and a common area. There even …Thank you so much! We enjoyed meeting you both. You were excellent campers! We hope to see you again soon with your friends and family!

Mike Lambino

Nov 26, 2020

Beautiful camp ground right next to the take out! You won’t be disappointed.Thank you so much!

Dustin Dyer

May 26, 2018

My friend and I were looking for a place to camp near the Gauley River. We passed the entrance to Wild & Woolly campground so we decided to drive down the driveway and check out the sites. When we got to the sites, we turned around and left too look for other potential campsites. We were chased down the driveway by the female owner who was very rude and passive agressive. She told us it was a private campground. So we left with no confrontation. A few minutes later, we were chased down by a spray painted sketchy looking pick up truck. We pulled over to let them pass. This was the male owner of the campground. He blocked our vehicle and started yelling and threatening us. We left the area and he followed us all the way to the main highway. I believe these are hostile and dangerous people. I would strongly advise staying away!

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Questions & Answers

Yes I received a phone call from your number about a dog and I was involved in the 129 community yard sale and my husband works we are missing 2 dogs and they run off from our house can you please describe the dog that you sent to the shelter

Tabitha Moore | Nov 26, 2018
Gauley River Wild & Woolly Primitive Campground (Owner) | Nov 27, 2018

It was a black, brown and white hound, male, friendly. There was another gray pitbull type dog with it, but it ran away. The animal shelter said they would also try to call you.

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