Mountain Lake Campground and Cabins

Category: Campground in Summersville, West Virginia

Address: 1898 Airport Rd, Summersville, WV 26651, USA

Phone: +13048726222


Martha Rector

Aug 3, 2022

The only thing worse than the poorly maintained road full of potholes, disgusting bathhouses, and rutted sites is the incompetent staff and terrible management. We made reservations a year ago for one of the few sites on the water. Someone else with reservations on the same site called to cancel their reservation for SEPTEMBER and somehow our reservation for JULY was canceled. I can only assume the person answering the phone doesn’t understand how a calendar works. Even though the campground admits they are 100% at fault they refused to give us the site we had reserved a year prior, the only thing they offered was a site in a completely different area of the campground away from the other three families in our group. Reserve here at your own risk. Note - The campgrounds mistake was discovered a week before our arrival, plenty of time for management to do the right thing and let the other campers know a mistake had been made and offer them another site. Instead, we were told "sorry about your luck" and split from the rest of our group. *Read the most recent Google and Trip Advisor reviews before you commit to this campground*

Kaitlyn Herron

Jul 6, 2022

Wow. We have stayed here 2 times within the last month and never had to put the down deposit. We paid when we got their BOTH times. $89.00 dollars both times plus we bought ice cream for my husband myself and our 2 children and that ice cream isn’t cheap plus Pizza and shirts and teddy bears from their and the drive down plus gas we spend well over $500.00 now you all are saying we have to put down a deposit for each campsite we get. That’s funny 2 weeks ago when we stayed we didn’t have to Also saying 6 people are NOT aloud at one campsite is messed up. We have a family member with 6 foster children discrimination against big families. We are definitely taking our money elsewhere.

Nancy Cumberledge

Jun 9, 2022

Prefect place to camp. We were by ourselves with trees behind us. Got to see deer and turkeys. Nice little beach area to swim. Shower house was clean. They have awesome playgrounds. They have a mini golf course, and can buy the mining bags. Also, very close to kayak rentals and boat/diving trips!

Bryan Edwards

May 31, 2022

Nice views. Nice amenities. VERY poor gravel campground roads. Struggled to keep the truck and trailer from being battered on the gravel roads. Steep gravel roads required I use 4x4 and proceed very slowly. Bathhouse placement is an exhausting hike up hill from many campsites. Bathhouse condition getting rough. Had NO hot water for either men or women side even though it was not busy.

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Questions & Answers

Is there a playground near the cozy cabins?

christy Davidson' | Nov 24, 2019
Josette Steele | Nov 25, 2019

Yes there are multiple playgrounds, and they are adding new things all the time.

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Can non campers play putt. Putt golf

Linda Hinkle Hammonds | Aug 25, 2021
Buffy Riffle | Aug 26, 2021

Yes, and don't forget to grab some lunch and a sweet treat while there.

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Can I bring my two dogs?

Trisha Williamson | Jul 26, 2021
Seymour Adeva | Jul 27, 2021

Sad cant bring my Doberman. They re strict on the breed of dogs you have.

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How much are the golf cart rentals daily?

Janey Furches | Jul 26, 2021
BigMas | Jul 27, 2021

50 a day. But they will show you love depending on how long you stay

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Can u kayak on the lake

russell robson | Nov 23, 2020
Matt Lemaster | Nov 24, 2020

Definitely. Most every activity available is centered around being on the lake. You can also rent boats from the marina which youll pass on your way into the campground.

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Are service dogs welcome?

Nick Brewer | Nov 23, 2020
Scarlett Reiser | Nov 24, 2020

Yes, just bring shot record

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What time does the main office open?

Amber | Nov 23, 2020
Mountain Lake Campground and Cabins (Owner) | Nov 24, 2020


Where does your rates for a cabin start at for a weekend

Lewis Burdette | Nov 23, 2020
Steve Ellison | Nov 24, 2020

On the website. They are one of the more expensive options around

Does the fire rings have grilling tops?

Amy Stemple | Nov 23, 2020
Kenneth Shamblin | Nov 24, 2020

No grills, just rock rings where we were area 3.

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How much is camper storage 32 foot

Edwin Burns | Nov 23, 2020
Mountain Lake Campground and Cabins (Owner) | Nov 24, 2020

Please call 304.872.6222 and someone can answer that for you. Thank you!

Can you rent boats or canoes?

Deborad Russell | Nov 23, 2020
Mountain Lake Campground and Cabins (Owner) | Nov 24, 2020

We are located beside the marina who offers rentals.

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Can you camp in tents yet? Or is it just campers

Vanessa Raines | Nov 23, 2020
Mountain Lake Campground and Cabins (Owner) | Nov 24, 2020

Yes you can camp in tents!

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Are there trout fishing here without having to walk for miles

Mark anthony | Nov 23, 2020
Mountain Lake Campground and Cabins (Owner) | Nov 24, 2020

There is fishing in the lake at our beach area you can walk around the cove then there are places you can drive. There is also fishing places from bank in area 4 campground.

Can you set up a tent there?

John Lehew | Nov 24, 2019
christy Davidson' | Nov 25, 2019

Yes, they have several campgrounds. I personally loved area 2 it was close to the playground and the showers plus every site had power and water

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Is there cellphone service there?

Cindy Spears | Nov 24, 2019
Michael Holmes | Nov 25, 2019

Verizon Cellular works very well.

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Are there pots and pans , dishes in the cabin

Bonnie Aef eff cbc h j6t st feed Feb kitedkins | Nov 24, 2019
Robert Zimmerman | Nov 25, 2019


What discount cards do you accept?

Trudy Waugh | Nov 24, 2019
Mountain Lake Campground and Cabins (Owner) | Nov 25, 2019

Our rates are discounted now for off season and we periodically offer discounts so we do not accept discount cards. Thank you

What are your prices for RV camping for lake front and your other areas per night? Like if your arriving on Friday and checking out on sunday?

Patsy Selman | Nov 24, 2019
Mike Rubenstahl | Nov 25, 2019

It's all right here.

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How many per camp site before charging extra? Did not see at all on website?

Donna Scott | Nov 24, 2018
Mr Spurlock | Nov 25, 2018

Call them and ask

Can you rent boats

Bonnie Aef eff cbc h j6t st feed Feb kitedkins | Nov 24, 2018
Robert Zimmerman | Nov 25, 2018

Go to the marina, they mainly rent out pontoons

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I have total of 13 people I have a 1 year old a 2 year old a 10 year old and a 11 year old then I have a 13 year old teenager then rest of us are adults how much would that be ?

Kayla Griffith | Nov 24, 2018
Lillian Wiseman | Nov 25, 2018

I would call.and ask. The prices differ per age. I beliebe ages 7 and up.its $10 pp per night but i would call and re verify

what is considered off peak season?

Mark Grimmett | Nov 24, 2018
Gary Walker | Nov 25, 2018

For Battle Run its before memorial day weekend and after labor day weekend

Are there boat rentals?

Annette Valasek | Nov 24, 2018
Stephen Krebs | Nov 25, 2018

Not at the campground itself, but there's a marina and Sarges Dive Shack I believe is the name. I haven't been over to that part myself, but my in-laws did, said the guy wasn't that friendly.

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Do u have sites available for June 29

Carolyn Radcliffe | Nov 24, 2018
Mr Spurlock | Nov 25, 2018

Call them and ask them

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How much are the cabins per night

Trudy Waugh | Nov 24, 2018
Mr Spurlock | Nov 25, 2018


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If you rent a lake front cabin do you get in the pool for free and the putput golf . ?

Darlene Smith | Nov 24, 2018
Brynn Painter | Nov 25, 2018

Not put put golf everyone has to pay for that but you can go to to pool and jumping pillow for free if your renting a lake front cabin!

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Are there waterfront sites and can u book sites by month

R Bennett | Nov 24, 2017
jordan dennison | Nov 25, 2017

Yes there are, and yes you can. Often very far in advance.

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How far is this from elkview wv?

Cheri Duncan | Nov 24, 2017
Chris | Nov 25, 2017

Abou 1hr 20mins.

How late can you check in?

Jane Harvey | Nov 24, 2017
Sasha “Runmom” | Nov 25, 2017

I believe the store closes at 10 pm, that's where you would pay for your site and register.

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